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    Good Alliance PvE servers?

    My main is Horde on Thrall and I've been playing around on an Alliance alt the last couple weeks and was looking for a solid PvE server to transfer him to, now that he's 90. Thrall is such an awful, awful server Alliance side. It's completely dead and there's never anything going on. Even the AH is always empty and there's barely 20 people in trade chat during prime times. Anyone know a good Alliance server with a decent population?

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    Is this EU or US servers we're talking about?

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    Silvermoon (eu) is pretty much Alliance dominated, best thing to do is just check them out. Make a level 1 human take it to SW sit and watch.

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    Outland EU has a massive alliance population. The downside of it is the cue-times after new content-patches.

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    Vek'Nilash US is good Alliance side. Though only one guild is actually good on the server.
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    Seems pretty much all servers are alliance dominated, especially the RPPVE ones, which in EU are all heavily alliance.

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    Anyway, when picking a server, use your Realm Immigrant's Scouting Kit.

    1. In-game realm list. You can identify the realm type as well as the amount of players on it.
    2. Warcraft census. You can check the population ratios. Take that info with a pinch of salt as it's not always 100% accurate. http://www.warcraftrealms.com/census.php
    3. WoW official website realm forums. Check that too, most often it has threads hinting the the realm's problems. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/
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    wait wait when did the alliance become good something!

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    wait wait when did the alliance become good something!
    Since the noble savage feeling of the horde started to get killed slowly since wotlk. Maybe the horde will see an increase of players once Derparrosh is gone.

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    wait wait when did the alliance become good something!
    It's just an alt, but the Horde is just... boring now. Blizzard went through great lengths in WCIII to change the Orcs from the typical mindless savages from other fantasy into something unique within the setting. You could make a solid argument that from WCIII all the way up to the start of MoP that the Alliance - filled with typically the good guys(Humans, Dwarves, Elves Gnomes) within the setting - were the aggressors and the "bad guys" while the Horde - filled with typical bad guys(Orcs, Trolls, Undead) within the setting - were the good guys and victims. If I still raided I wouldn't care because I've only ever raided on my main, but lately I've been trying to get more into the story and the Horde is just boring from that perspective. Blizzard has committed the cardinal storytelling sin - they moved the story backwards.

    Plus, it's a Paladin and fuck Blood Elves and I can't get over how goddamn stupid Tauren look with any helm on because of their horns sticking out of it.
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    EU-Sylvanas , I would say one of the best servers Alliance side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Jim View Post
    Seems pretty much all servers are alliance dominated, especially the RPPVE ones, which in EU are all heavily alliance.
    Not Kil'jaeden. But that's PVP.
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    Silvermoon (eu)

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    What is "good" is pretty subjective. Some people want raiding, some people just want a server with a lot of active social guilds. Some want high pop for lots of players, some don't like the queues and crowding.

    Best I can recommend is check a site like WoW Progress and look at what servers seem to have an active pve community, and then try to balance out that with your goals and the population level you desire.
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