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    Soloing essence of desire

    So i thought well i got some epics now with my fury warrior and i even got some handy mocking banner so this should be doable.
    i read in multiple posts that you can kill it with enough dps and 2 interrupts. but how on earth do u survive that? i popped everything and was dead 3 seconds later. so i thought: well i dps slowly and interrupt 2 casts then banner and then i bladestorm. but spirit shock just gets cast too often and mocking banner doesnt do much due to low hp and 5 seconds duration of disorient effect.
    second wind heals me for 22429 hp so that isnt much.
    and if i take too long it just casts shield and its over.
    sooo any advice?

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    i have no idea with warriors but i heard that if warriors have second wind and fail it then they get CCed for life because the boss cant finish em off.
    the boss reflects some damage thats probably whats killing you?
    also the shield is like 50k only you shouldnt have much issues with it

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    What you heard is quite true. only logging off helps. the reflect is 50% so with the boss haveing 2,3 m hp you need an effective hp half of that. i cant think of how u would do that.

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    Do more deeps.
    RoS is def doable with 480ilvl+ Fury as SMF. Saved all my cd's for P2, and just started wailing on her with double trinkets procc'd, potion of mogu power, full rage bar, and unloading RB's/BS proccs/BTs into her within a Csmash while in def stance and DBTS + Demo banner up to negate damage reflect. Interrupted a spirit shock for +6% RI damage buff, executed her for 200k. Fight is def a lot easier/assured if you expertise stack for her.

    More gear you have, easier it becomes.

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    You can kill her before second spirit shock.

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    Yah i tried that... but i died quiet fast. i think i even died bevor the first spirit shock.

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    On the fields of eternal battle.
    Also forgot to mention, using glyph of unending rage, and going into P2 with full rage, in Def stance, and using both DBTS + Demo banner while also using my burst DPS cd's all at once to kill Desire swiftly, without killing myself from reflected damage. Use rallying cry when appropriate at low health. Should kill her.

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    that sounds like a plan... i didnt think of defstance...gotta try that next id.

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