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    Black Lion Trading Company Black Friday Sale

    Didn't see a thread, so I figured I'd let everyone know here about their black friday sales.
    The sale is going all weekend with different deals each day.

    Today's Deals are:
    25 Black Lion Keys for 1560 50% off
    5 Black Lion Merchant Express for 50 60% off
    All fine transmutation stone packs are 40% off
    5 for 120
    10 for 215
    25 for 480

    I was hoping for the armor skins to go on sale, but we got the whole weekend.
    I may buy some transmutation stones.

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    i bought my first 2 things from the store this week (2 inventory bag slots - costed me about 9g or something).

    The fact that you can actually get stuff with in-game gold is AMAZING.
    Im a dutchman - and we're cheapasses - so i aprove of grinding instead of spending real life euro's on this

    What i actually wanted to say was, i don't have much gold left to spend on that kind of stuff. And i don't find key's that interesting.
    I'd be ace if they put the bank slots for sale lol
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    Well thank god I bought more transmutation stones yesterday because I didn't see I still had one
    When in doubt, mumble...

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