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    What's on your Bucket List?

    What things do you really HAVE to do before you die? What do you plan on doing before you kick the bucket?

    -What is on your bucket list?

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    Snowboarding off a cliff with a wingsuit on.

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    Have a family

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    Visiting the Galapagos Islands... everything else I've already done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamanic View Post
    Visiting the Galapagos Islands... everything else I've already done.
    Definitely recommend them. They were my favorite part of the entire South America trip.
    Also, don't make the same mistake I did, and go there w/o being a qualified scuba diver. Get at least 2 stars so you can really see the entirety of them.

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    Become immortal

    Other than that, I don't know. Enjoy life, don't do anything I really hate doing, see where it takes me.

    I only hope that when I'm 30 or 40, I don't look like a mom who still thinks she's in high school..

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    One of my newest additions to the bucket list...

    Someday... if things go as planned, hopefully I'll have time in 2014.

    The Marathon des Sables is a 10-day, 240-kilometer race across the sands of Morocco, although it is unclear whether the competitors are battling to see who can reach the finish line first or to see whose corpse will mummify the quickest after they inevitably die of extreme dehydration due to sprinting across a goddamn desert for two goddamn weeks. The official website is light on details, though they assure us that there are separate ranking tiers for both women and people in their 70s.
    Don't let that fool you -- this race isn't for feebs (or feebettes). One guy almost got crushed by boulders (which apparently are a thing in the desert), and another man wandered the boiling dunes for nine days after getting lost in a sandstorm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vizzle View Post
    One of my newest additions to the bucket list...

    I have completed this, if you do it take it seriously. I'm a competitive fell runner in the UK and didn't find it much of a challenge save for shoulder and back bag sores. Heat adjustment is the other thing and you can deal with that if you set time and money aside to spend a few weeks acclimatizing(in the US in my case, altitude+heat+easy access) beforehand.

    Here's a blog I would recommend if you are serious, this is the level you need to aim for if you want to be even remotely competitive as a foreigner.

    My own doesn't involve individual events/things to do and never has, its more an overall vision of where i'd like to be eventually.

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    Having a kid outside of the fenno-scandinavian genepool.

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    I must be quite boring since I have no personal dreams that I want to do before I die.

    Closest thing is something I get to do anyway. I'm interested in seeing what future brings during my lifetime. I think we are living interesting times right now. I don't personally think world has changed so much in a long time than it is changing now... perhaps last time was when industrialization started. During my lifetime technology started advancing really fast. We got internet that I consider one of the most important inventions ever. Things like computer became from very rare to one is nearly every house. While these examples are computer stuff, there is lot more.

    If such things have happened during my life already, what are we still in for? There could be anything! I want to see it, good or bad! Hopefully I get to live long enough to see lots of cool stuff that I can think people havent had the chance to experience anywhere in a long time.

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    as the above poster said mine isnt so much a list of things rather a where I want to end up..

    Married, 3 kids, living in alaska/british columbia, a job I actually enjoy. and other then that, grow old watching my kids grow up.

    the only caveat's I suppose would be bungee jumping, halo jump and visit Chernobyl.

    (already married and 1 kid down!)

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    There are many things.... I have quite a few ambitions in my life.

    I would have to say, climbing one of the largest mountain peaks in the world. I'm not particular, although Everest has always fascinated me.
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    No particular bucket list... I just do not want to die before I've traveled the world at least a bit.

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    I've never made a list before but here's some things I want to do before I die. In order of importance

    - Travel the world (I have a list of specific places but I won't bore you with the details)
    - Go to a Girls' Generation concert
    - Try sky diving
    - Try bungee Jumping
    - Try Absynth because I never have before and I'm curious about it.
    - Ask Taeyeon to marry me
    - Get Rejected...Like a boss.

    Okay the last two weren't real...
    That's it for my list of must do experiences before I die, mostly I just want to travel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anakso View Post
    - Try bungee Jumping
    Thats cool and makes a lot of fun.

    - Try Absynth because I never have before and I'm curious about it.
    Be careful, it's the devils drink. Two small glasses hits you harder than a bottle of vodka.

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    There's nothing I feel I absolutely need to do before I die, but if I were to have a Bucket List, the only thing it would consist of is moving to the Pacific Northwest.

    That is, if we haven't logged the shit out of it by then.
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    I'm looking forward to the North American total eclipse coming up in a few years. That's always been one of those epic things I wanted to see.

    If I had three wishes, one of them would be to see the earth from orbit, but honestly I have no real expectation of that happening. I'm glad other humans have done it and made recordings so I could vicariously be an astronaut.

    Racing across Moroccan desert seems to me to be about the least enjoyable thing I can imagine (and I've done a little verrry non-serious distance running and biking). Hiking the Appalachian trail would be more my speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperMechatronGamer View Post
    What things do you really HAVE to do before you die? What do you plan on doing before you kick the bucket?
    Pay taxes. Trololol

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    Play basketball with president Obama and the nba players that come to play with him. That must be an awesome experience!

    More realistic:
    - Get my master thesis publicated at the end of the year. Think it would be awesome to have youre work floating around the science community

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    There's so many things I want to do...
    Drop That Kitty

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