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    Best gaming mousepad?

    My wife is badgering me for present requests to my mother in-law and I think the only thing I'm missing is a gaming mouse pad.

    Presently I'm using the SNES mousepad from Mario Paint as the partner of my Razer Naga. It flat out sucks, as it collects up dusty gunk like nothing else.

    I'd like to step up to the big leagues and get a fancy mousepad. I see dual-sided pads and am curious what the difference is.

    I primarily play MMO's, RTS's, and the occasional FPS.

    My wife is trigger happy and is about to send the following to the mother in-law...


    Is it the best for my needs?

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    Any advice?

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    I have the razer vespula but i cut out the hand rest, the material simply wasn't soft/comfortable enough. If you tend to keep your hand close to the edge of your table i wouldn't recommend the vespula, however if you keep a good part of your arm on the table then the vespula is very good. I suggest you go check out some soft thick mousepads steelseries or simmilar, don't know if logitech makes mousepads but check their site as well.

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    My mouse pad is the best inn the world :P A baby-smooth tbc collectors edition mousepad, that over the years gotten silky smooth surface from all my addictive gaming. It started out quit rough, now the surface feels like polished plastic or something...fantastic haha.

    No really, any mousepad at that price range would be epic. Ive always seen Razer as fine mousepads, but for mousepads its more how smooth the surface is, if you ask me. So honestly, some really smooth plastic surface could be better.
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    I'm currently using a Cyborg Glide 7 mousepad and I love it. Was a bonus with my RAT 7 mouse, and it's extremely comfy and smooth. Had it for over a year and no noticeable wear and tear from heavy gaming.

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