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    In fact, it looks pretty much the same on my 2002 computer at LOWEST as it does at my desktop PC at ULTRA.
    You sir, are a bloody liar. And I'll prove it:

    Ultra DX11

    Low DX9

    Why can't MMO champ do the imageshack Thumbnails?!
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    The best part of this whole thread isn't the fact that the OP is just wrong, but that out of all the new games on the market, he picked the biggest pile of shit to use in comparison to wow.

    I feel like the OPer is trolling us because he actually makes the best argument for wow, not against. One of the biggest reasons wow is still the top dog in the mmo genre is because of the graphics and how a wide variety of pc setups can play the game. Btw, the screenshot thats supposed to look amazingly better than wow looks like shit, at least if you would have said GW2 graphics or FF14 graphics as comparison it would be at least a better argument.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sahugani View Post
    You know, you could get the same result if you reroute the plasma conduits throgh the deflector and then reverse the polarity.

    That being said, I have no idea what you are talking about, please cease your technobabble unless you desperately WANT to accumulate nerdpoints.
    Pretty much proves people don't even read what they're replying to.

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    Pretty much proves people don't even read what they're replying to.
    Or just don't understand the technical terms.

    Personally I'd love to see what Blizzards artistic talents, coupled with 2012s gfx & animation possibilities could achieve. :Q

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    Like to see you do a 40 man raid with that piece of crap 2002 PC. Hell my 2008 PC gets terrible FPS at all low in a 40 man raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    You sir, are a bloody liar. And I'll prove it:
    So you basically have a bit more contrast and view distance and bloody high HW cost. I think you've just proven he is right.
    And to be honest, everything sucks hard when compared for example to environment created with megatexture. And not just that.
    We'll always have to wait for this genre of games to get nice things that FPS get much earlier. Not big deal. WoW is just sad, though.

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    We all know the WoW Graphics Engine is poor as crap and all Blizz fanboys will defend it, but in the end none of that matters as graphics don't mean shit compared to gameplay.

    For example: Old NfS MW > New NfS MW

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    SWTOR really didn't impress me with its graphics. Granted, I have most things set to med/low so I can get an acceptable frame rate, but WoW's prettier nonetheless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    Why can't MMO champ do the imageshack Thumbnails?!
    Because imgur > imageshack

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    I can't deny that graphically WoW is dated.

    I can't deny that aesthetically, WoW shits on any other MMO of the past decade allowing the vast majority of players to enjoy the graphics.
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    Since this has turned into mostly game vs. game bashing and unconstructive, I think we're done here.
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