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    From what I remember from visiting there is that it is an absolutely beautiful country. I'm afraid that in terms of my knowledge of the country on a functional level, my knowledge is sadly lacking.
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    I talked to a Romanian fellow for a couple hours once, he was incredibly nice. He talked about his country, seems like a nice place to visit.

    ...Maybe he was just trying to get me there so I can get gypsy'd.

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    Until 1918, there used to be 3 Romanian countries, each a country in its own: Transilvania, The Romanian Country and Moldavia.

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    And everyone saying most gypsies are in Romania, you're wrong. Most gypsies are in USA and if you look at the highest % of country's population then it's in Bulgaria.

    Also gypsies come from India, not Romania.

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    To be honest, I know what Google might teach me if I look it up *smiles* No offense to any country, I only know a few farms there as I've been helping a friend of the family to buy land there.
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    Only what ive read on my psychology course about their attitudes towards romanian gypsies, and thats very little. Also i think ive seen quite a few fit guys from their on certain websites...

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    I know more about Romania than I do about most easter european countries. I know about the gypsies, the useless politicians and their beautiful mountains!
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    Edit: Forgot Romanian deadlifts! >
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    Located by the black sea, so I can imagine it being a pretty nice place for a summer vacation.
    Problem with gypsies/romani people.
    Had one of the tougher communist leaders during those years I think.
    Had a legendary footballer in Gheorghe Hagi.
    Dracula and Transylvania
    Comes to the Nordic countries for work, esp in the summer season.
    Problem with poverty and corruption.

    Thats about it.
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    I love the sound of the language.
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    Absolutely nothing. I didn't even know you had vampires!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackmoves View Post
    Had one of the tougher communist leaders during those years I think.
    Nah, I wouldn't say Ceausescu was tough or evil per-se. The rule of thumb was: everyone MUST have a job and a home even if they didn't deserve it. There was a saying back then "You can't do it, we (the party) will help you. You don't want to do it, we will make you". No one was starving but people had to stand in long lines to buy meat, for example, which was a luxury for city folk back then. TV programs were for just an hour in the evening and it was generally news about Ceausescu. As long as you didn't speak against the establishment, you didn't have much to worry about.

    Even today, some people say it was much better during Ceausescu's rule.

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    All i know is that it is very poor, or at least it was a short time ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    All i know is that it is very poor, or at least it was a short time ago.
    Well Bulgaria, Moldavia and Albania have it worse, I think, among the european countries, but not by much.

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    All I know is that it is often connected with being overrun by gypsies.

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    Loads of poverty and huge amount of corruption.

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    Vampires and gymnasts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaiz View Post
    Loads of poverty and huge amount of corruption.
    True, the president was able to ignore the massive popular vote in favor of his suspension because of a technicality introduced by his servants in the establishment and ofcourse because of Merkel's support, as president Basescu is her yes-man in the EU Parliament and she wasn't about to let something as unimportant as the Romanian people rob her of a supporter in the EU Parliament.

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    They are the no. 1 bankcard skimmers as it seems.
    Not that long ago I read that the government made some law which makes the Gypsies pay tax when they are fortunetelling and stuff like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yrrildur View Post
    They are the no. 1 bankcard skimmers as it seems.
    Not that long ago I read that the government made some law which makes the Gypsies pay tax when they are fortunetelling and stuff like that
    Dunno about 1st part. I find it hard to believe, unless the russians and chinese found something else to do.

    All businesses are required to pay taxes, this law is the same across the entire EU. Fortunetelling is considered a profession for recreational purposes, thus a business, and is required to pay taxes like any other. Also, lots of gypsies sing at parties and refuse to pay taxes claiming they weren't actually hired to sing and that they're just doing it as a favor for a friend, like a guest starting to sing, which is obviously not true.

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