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    Karazhan opera events...

    So here's the deal: i'm after a gun that drops only from "The Beast" event in opera boss but I keep getting "Crone" events all the time, for like sixth or seventh week in a row I got stupid Crone again. I never seen The Beast, seen Romeo & Juliet thing only once in like fifteen clears.

    Is this just my bad RNG or there is a way to force event change? I'm exalted on Kara rep since eons ago, have Nightbane attunement quest etc. Is there any npc that can change opera event or resetting the instance or SOMETHING? This happens on my alts too, 95% of the time it's Crone event.

    It's getting frustrating.

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    No, it's random.

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    rng is a bitch is a bitch is bitch is rng...

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    OK thx for answers.

    :S at least it takes 5 min to solo

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    Meh I kept getting Werewolf now I only get Romeo and I saw the witch once, the RnG is just bad at the event I guess.

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