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    Am I doing something wrong here? Looking for Alch trinket

    I'm grinding random mobs in Jade Forest
    Alchemy is maxed
    I've killed roughly 600 mobs

    Still no drops.

    Am I doing something wrong to find it?

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    It's probably just bad RNG, I found one on my first alch a couple quests into jade forest, whereas on my second alch I went through the whole jade forest questline and I still havent got it.
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    Do a dungeon.

    I did one on my Druid and got it halfway through Brewery (on my first run).

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    I also recommend the dungeons. I think I got both of my alchemist's drops drops from them.

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    It's pretty crap anyway. I really wouldn't worry about obtaining it, especially with the item level required to queue for heroics being dropped to like 430.

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    If mastery is a good stat for your class, it is definitely not 'crap'. Lots of mastery and chance (high, from my experience) to proc a lot of your primary stat? Yeah. Worth it, especially for how easy it is to make once you get it.

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    i got mine on my alchemist in the first few quests in jade forest

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    igot the trinet quest on my 1st kill in the horde bas on my 1st alchy...my 2nd one is 600 and still no trink...just a simple matter of rng.

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    Both of my characters are alchemists and it dropped during the first pandaria quest on both of them
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    Just keep questing and do dailies. Play as you would play if you weren't farming it and you'll get it. It won't get you the trinket any faster, but you won't want to kill yourself every time a mob fails to drop it.
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    Just bad RNG. I got mine off a mob at level...87, I think, in Karasong
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    I got mine in the Jade Forest at lvl 86, and now as 90 (when I don't need it anymore) I am having the quest for it drop at least 2-4 times a day (doing dailies and LFR). It's pretty annoying. I wish it was BoE so I could sell it.

    Are you finished all the quests in Jade Forest? If not, keeping on going and venture into other zones as well, I'm sure it will drop eventually.

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    I think it's bad luck..
    I got mine at the 4th mob into Pandaria at level 85.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirl View Post
    It's better than a few epic trinkets (and every blue trinket) for rogues. No idea about other classes, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were similarly good.
    Unless they fixed it, the agility proc is bugged and barely procs at all.

    I went a 10 minute fight with 1 single proc. Some attempts I had no procs at all. I got fed up and switched to another trinket, but this was weeks ago.

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