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    what's with HOF clear paying 2k gold?

    have seen several ads in trade people wanting to buy a lock out from someone who's cleared 6/6 HOF and a person was offering 2k gold for the lockout. Are they doing it to farm trash? For trinkets or what's the deal with wanting to buy that lockout?

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    to que for LFR would be my guess ^^

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    To zone into Terrace, you need one person that has 6/6 in HoF to zone in first, to "unlock" the portal for the rest.

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    Wait, so you need one 6/6 HoF clear to get in, or to have killed her that reset to go inside Terrace?
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    What, if you knew who this guy was you would know he does free moose runs for people so they dont have to pay. Everyone just assumes someone was doing something wrong.. Lord forbid you ever become a white cop
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    If you want to que for Terrance LFR, you need to do Heart of Fear in LFR, if you want to do Normal Terrance, you need to beat Heart of Fear on normal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
    Wait, so you need one 6/6 HoF clear to get in, or to have killed her that reset to go inside Terrace?
    You need to have killed norm empress at some point to enter terrace. Or rather, the leader has to have killed her at some point.
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