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    Trouble on Garalon 10M(N)

    Hey guys,

    Just recently ran into the roadblock that is Garalon. Our comp is currently:

    DPS: Frost DK, Aff Lock, BM hunter, SP(x2), Ele Shaman
    Tanks: Prot Warrior, Guard Druid
    Heals: Monk, Druid

    I realize not having a cleave such as a warrior or rogue KILLS us on this fight. Are there any tips/tricks to get this dude down? We pretty much tried everything we could think of. Our best attempts came when we had the Frost DK and Ele Shaman on the legs, and everyone else focus on the boss and having the prot warrior go dps and dps while in defensive stance.

    We honestly tried everything that I could think of to get this guy down and we just can't. Our best attempts are getting him to 6% with having both tanks kite, 1 healer, and 1 ranged dps.

    I can't post a link to our logs, (new poster), but if you go to world of logs, under Mal'Ganis server and look up the guild Competence, that's us!

    Thanks for all of your help

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    I don't know if you do any of these:

    1. Prepot
    2. Use 300 Bufffood (yes that sometimes counts)
    3. Use Heroism/Bloodlust right at the start to get the most out of it, because of trinkets popping and pot running. Besides that the first set of legs dies extremely fast and nearly everybody has +100% damage while Heroism/Bloodlust is running. Of course everybody should be allowed to go for the legs if they are right next to them, also throughout the fight.

    We go with 4 kiters and swapping at 20 stacks. You could also try to 3 heal it and use no tank. Maybe that's also an option.

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    Hunters do poor dmg so use diff setup.
    Dotters can put dots on legs while dpsing boss and single targets dps's focus legs.'
    It is possible to use tanks to carry pheromone, max dps would be have 2 tanks and 2 healers to carry it.
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    Thanks, yea that SP is one of our kiters, it's also her offspec, would it be better to have the hunter kite in this scenario? As for the lock, this is his second week playing a lock (he switched mains from a healer) so he's still kind of learning on the fly.

    and to answer reflection,

    1) We all prepot
    2) Will that really make that huge of a difference as opposed to dropping tables?
    3) We BL at the start to make sure legs go down fast so we don't have garalon meleeing the first kiter.

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    Also, your warrior is a tank, but respecced dps. He respecced fury, why didn't he respect arms? That makes no sense.

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    I'm in the same situation. Yesterday we had a 0.4% berserk wipe. I'm hoping gear can push us through next week.


    Normally we have a Monk and DK tank. For this fight we have our Fury Warrior go Defensive stance and DPS up with the Blood DK since his armor is better than the Monk's. We are planning on having our DK go Frost this week too. That might help. I am the lock with the terrible DPS since I am the 2nd kiter and I often find myself in awkward situations especially during the first pass and it's my job to jam Gara as far as possible into the corner. I also am the last person to kite and end up stacking as much as I can until I die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IDespicable View Post
    Also, your warrior is a tank, but respecced dps. He respecced fury, why didn't he respect arms? That makes no sense.
    because fury does more dmg than arms. especially after the sweeping strikes nerf on garalon.
    which weapon you use also matters ofcourse

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    From your experience in this fight, if we are 2 healing it, does it make sense to have both healers/tanks kite for the dps gain? I'm not sure that our healers could keep up with the damage if we have them both kite though......

    Replacing the SP isn't really a good option for us. She usually heals and is a very good healer. Can any SP look at the logs and let me know specifically some things she needs to work on? I don't know SP all that well......thanks!

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    Hey man!
    I'd like to give you some hope for this fight, since you don't have any cleaves. for our first kill we didn't have any cleave classes either, and we three-healed it to boot.
    Now i'm not saying that this WILL work for your setup, however it made it easier for us.
    Now we have the tanks kiting it first, up to an amount of stacks that we still felt comfortable with (for us it was 25 stacks), after both our tanks had kited it the moonkin took over, and after the moonkin our holypaladin took it. now what we did was put a pretty Diamond mark on our resto shaman and tried to keep the raid stacked on him as much as possible to help with the healing, I, as the only melee (i'm the enhancement shaman) handled the front and back leg always facing the middle of the room, and had the other DoT classes dot the other legs up, this way we maximized uptime on the boss while still getting legs down.
    Now I'm not sure if this is helpful for you, but down below is our logs for our first kill, as you can see we had two people falling rather greatly behind on DPS (Given, the moonkin was kiting spores)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afterwind View Post
    Replacing the SP isn't really a good option for us. She usually heals and is a very good healer. Can any SP look at the logs and let me know specifically some things she needs to work on? I don't know SP all that well......thanks!
    She could stop using Heartsong (at least get Windsong, even for healing) and reforge her gear for starters.

    I don't play a SP, but it's pretty easy to see the difference between your good and bad SP. Your good one has higher uptime on all DoTs (these are instants—kiting is not an excuse to lose that much uptime). Your good one has way fewer Mind Flays and way more everything else.

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    Use 4 kiters in a rotation each gaining close to 20 stacks. Tanks go DPS. Three healers. Kite/drop the pheromones around the outside of the room. Make a rotation to minimize crush damage, rotate cooldowns. After about 8 minutes, collect loot.
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    My tip is trying to find a Rogue or Warrior!

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    Make sure both your tanks are using dps food and flasks for that fight as stamina flasks and food (or mastery food) are not as helpful. If dps is still an issue have your tanks go dps spec in thier tank gear.

    If for whatever reason that is not an option, your warlock can go demo and use the glyph of demon hunting. As long as he keeps his shield up for each swipe and rotates cooldowns he should be able to dps one of the front legs and still get hit by swipe. In 10 man the damage is not extreme enough for a decently geared lock to be unable to take those hits and this will free tank to dps.

    Also if you are killing all 4 legs all the time you may want to leave one of them up, usually the outside front leg of the boss, the outside leg being the one that is away from the direction you kite. Its a good leg for tanks to kill but is not one you need to kill as often since its in a bad spot most of the time.

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    Thanks for all of the tips guys. We downed him tonight with about 15 seconds left on enrage timer.

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