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    wow drive motivations urges

    I have lost the drive to play wow. When i say lost i mean there is no urge compelling me to log on no more. I used to have ideas, plans & motivations to log in and do things. But my brain is not giving me any new ideas or plans, maybe i used all the ideas up? I don't think it's that though i can specifically remember having the same identical ideas previously and still having the highest motivation/urge to log in. So it's not the ideas that's hindering me it's something else. i do have a little bit of a flame left for end game raiding which still entices me to log in and doing dailies for rep. But there is something missing and i cannot put my finger on it.

    Maybe i have just lost the fire, i have been addicted to other things in my life but never had this feeling at the end of the addiction quite like this before. I do have a very addictive personality and i get really into things. I guess previous addictions i had that gripped me i always had a new addiction ready to go that's how they ended and then i moved onto something else, it didn't feel like STOP old one START new one if you get what i mean, it was like there was no stop but there was a start.

    I guess i just need to look for something else, and wait for it to hit me and hope i forget about wow and not have any urge to play it

    If anybody has had the same feelings and you found a way to control or direct them then please write the words down here please.

    Thanks for reading

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    Roll with what your gut tells you, and leave the game for a bit. It's pretty simple, and it's very easy to play catch up in this game should you decide to come back.
    And it's squeezing all the air out of this goddamn cave I live in.

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    Yea i was thinking of playing the stop playing let the fire build up again card. What do you call that when you stop doing or seeing something or someone for a while and then when you see them again it's like it's brand new again, there is a saying for it i think. I thought about this but if i stop playing wow with nothing else to take over from it i will just be in no mans land wandering around haha and then go back to wow. I guess i just need to discipline myself and put a stop to it.

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