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    Would you pursue a Porn actress that double dips as a normal co-worker ?

    Added better picture

    Also for clarification she also now works a Different shift than I do so we might see each other for maybe 10 minutes a day in passing even then we work in different departments of a retail store.

    Ok so the situation is that I work with this girl who for whatever reason has always acted a little awkward toward me and I never could figure out why, but i assumed it was because me and her ex boyfriend are friends.

    Never would of assumed she was sexually attracted to me as I am 8 years older than her and I have a more threatening demeanor about me, hell I would of assumed she was way out of my league, but I know she has seen me checking her out in the past (yes I kind of put off a stalker vibe) which she apparently noticed and enjoyed.

    Anyway I recently found out that for the last couple of months she has been working in the porn industry and though she has kept it very quite she is apparently developing quite the following, anyway when I found out I was in total disbelief and what was even more shocking is that on her web bio she says she is attracted to guys that fit my description.

    Now I won't tell you any of her info or even her screen name but here is a picture of her (fully dressed), some of you might recognize it though seeing as how it is plastered all over the web

    My question to you is that if you knew this women and you had the option of pursuing her even though she was not only your co-worker but had a side job in the porn industry would you pursue her ?
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    Co-worker is a giant no-no. But working in the porn industry is also one.

    No, I would not.
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    Um... yes.

    Edit: Just looked at the picture. Her, no. Not attractive. In general though, I'd answer yes to the question.
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    Do you want to have sex with her or a relationship? I don't see anything wrong with either, but only if you can handle the idea that she's going to be sleeping with other dudes on the regular (the vast majority of people are not ok with this idea). If you want to just sleep with her, with no relationship commitment, just make sure to be safe about it.

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    she is in porn...

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    No. I'm not even all that attracted to the girl in the picture, but even if I were, I wouldn't feel comfortable sleeping with someone who does porn, let alone a co-worker. It's just asking for trouble.
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    Have not dated porn but dated coworker before. Did not end well. Swore off dating coworkers from then on so I would say no.
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    Probably yes, but certainly not her, wow she is so far from attractive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skrump View Post
    My question to you is that if you knew this women and you had the option of pursuing her even though she was not only your co-worker but had a side job in the porn industry would you pursue her ?
    Just no. The possibility for this to go bad is just to high. There are many fish in the sea and most of them are not your co-worker or do porn.

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    I wouldn't working with family or a gf is just a pain idk why it just is

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    Guy rule 1: Do not bang a co worker. Trust me it causes alot of drama

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    To the general question I'd say yes I would pursue, but the chick in the pic I wouldn't. Something very wrong with the face.
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    id have to see more pics.. i doubt i would have sex with her if her vagina looks like an old, un-oiled Catcher's Mitt

    also it would depend on the type of porn she does.. if shes doing Rim jobs n stuff , no way.

    edit- you should change the title from "Would you pursue a Porn actress that double dips as a normal co-worker" to "would you pursue a coworker that double Dicks as a Porn actress"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Porcell View Post
    Um... yes.

    Edit: Just looked at the picture. Her, no. Not attractive. In general though, I'd answer yes to the question.
    ugh....come on man. post a picture of yourself or don't say something like that.

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    no never with a coworker it never ends her face is not that cute but as I always say "cover the face bang the base"

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    never date a co-worker. Unless you plan quitting your job, then go ahead.
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    They really pay her for porn? Looks aside, never get with a co-worker, it rarely ends well.
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    Something like that has success in the porn industry? What has the wold come to? You wan't a picture of me? Plenty of that in Fun Stuff.

    Anyway, co-worker is a big no. Same company? Okay maybe, but same desk? Never. And on top of that a porn actress? Run away man.

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    no shes ugly and since she does porn her insides are ugly to, its one thing to date an ugly person its another thing to date a double ugly O-O
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    If a woman shares a deep emotional connection with me I wouldn't really care what she did in the past. Well, I should say that it would bother me at first but I would get over it if I really cared for the woman. Having her as a co-worker does raise flags though, increased drama at work and all that.
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