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    Towelliee looks for donations on LUI?

    Hi all I find it a bit odd that towelliee has a donation button on a ui that he did not make, he also calls it "Towelliee's Tank UI"

    I think he should give credit to the person who made it and put a donation button for them and not himself I find it really greedy

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    It is true just go to wow interface and search for Towelliee's Tank UI

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    Well, it's a variation of LUI, it's an addon pack. Not just simply LUI, thus the name "Towelliee's Tank UI"

    If you're going to troll here, at least try harder.


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    I'm not trolling, but ok it's a variation of LUI, but what does he have a donation button for then??

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    Thanks for making an account to warn people about this travesty, I haven't been able to sleep lately thinking about this.

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    I'm not trolling, but ok it's a variation of LUI, but what does he have a donation button for then??
    He has a donation button so people can click to donate.
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    Towelliee is good peeps. Troll elsewhere.

    Betting the OP is another streamer that is a jellyhater.

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    Nothing new here. Typical WoW streamer (especially the pvp ones) begging for donations 24/7 on stream.

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    I believe the donations go to the guy who actually does all the updates and work for Towelliee's Tank UI - I can't recall his name.

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    Going to close this here. Nothing wrong with a donation button.
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