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    AC3 Ending problems (PC, no spoilers)

    Right, so, is there ANY GOD DAMN way I can skip the very last cutscenes?! And is there freeplay after I'm done with the game?:| I got done with the game last night, so I alt+f4 when the Ending Credits came up. Now today when I launched up AC3 again I had to rewatch the whole ending, all that blablabla again then the credits roll.

    So I thought I'd let the credits roll for 5minutes, turned out it was still going after 10minutes, so HOW the HELL do I skip these f'ing cutscenes? And especially the ending credits which seem to go on in the infinite.

    EDIT: Yes, I've tried every button on this keyboard to skip the cinematics, if I continue longer now my keyboard needs a good rehab.

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    This has been a huge problem for me on the PS3 for every single Assassin's Creed... you have to sit through the entire fucking credits. Pisses me off to no end, don't think theres anything you can do.
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    Check the Megathread Collection sticky in the future: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ating-a-Thread!

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