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    Cant access only 1 character on my account.

    Whenever i try to log into a certain character, i get error message 16 and it says in order to continue playing i need to validate my email address. I click the link and it takes me to swtor.com. I enter my email address, and it send an email to my email account. I click the link in the email and it takes me to a page that says

    An error has occurred.
    Your email address could not be validated.

    Please check the URL and try again.

    I cant post on the forums as i am ftp. Anyone else have this problem?
    Intel 6600k at 4.4ghz, 8gb DDR4 Ram @2800mhz, Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 GPU, 500W EVGA 80+Bronze PSU, Corsair 200R case, Seagate 1tb Hybrid HDD, Acer G257HU Monitor, CMSTORM KB and Mouse combo.

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