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    Classic World of Warcraft has zero importance or relevance to today. If you played in Classic, that doesn't make you any more skilled or capable then those that started in Mists.

    I started in Classic but I don't feel the need to prove it to anyone. I know I did, and I have good memories of those times.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    the only way i can prove i did is my pvp title FoS. dark portal tabard i suppose you could use. i would say the vanilla CE pet, but you can still buy the CE online if you're willing to pay the price. and last one i can think of is the original epic mounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banders View Post
    Nice...that's a good one. I can't remember why I didn't get one at the time. Probably had not much clue about the event and was more interested in getting the cheap PvP gear at the time

    yeah i never got it either, i was a total noob back then though.
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    the tabard from the TBC launch event, old PVP titles,

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    Thank you for showing me this website, i'm not going to lie I got me kind of teary-eyed looking at my guild many memories.

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    i have a window media player ,gom player etc.

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    2005/08/15 or what was the date, thats how you can prove it :P achivement system dates ftw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Banders View Post
    Could you only get Corrupted Ashbringer in original WoW? I was a bit of a WoW beginner back then and didn't know much about it....You couldn't get it in BC when Naxx was still going?

    And couldn't you have gotten Mini diablo from buying the Vanilla collectors edition anytime? I know people still sell the collectors editions on Ebay...I'm not sure about that but would be great to know

    haha yeah you could if you dont mind paying stupid money, they go for a grand or more now the original collectors edition if unopened etc

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    405 Here is one of my early chars. The only one i can find due to the unique name. Started playing 2005 tho.

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    This thread made me remember how dumb I was when I vendored my Amberseal Keeper back in BC, even now it would still be unique...

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    Beyond it not meaning much, why would you need to prove this? If nobody is going to believe you, then you're wasting you breath beyond saying "yes I was".
    Exactly. I don't really care the slightest, but I've got Sergeant and private FoS on my 2 characters ^_^
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    my first toon,

    thx for the website

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    Quote Originally Posted by Botaddict View Post
    Feat of strength with old pvp titles = instant proof.

    The higher the rank the more proof that person played vanilla longer.
    This. Any achievement for an old PvP title proofs this, as they were removed before BC hit (or when BC hit? At least they were no longer obtainable).

    But I wouldn't say the higher the title the more proof he played. I only got Sergeant (the third title) because I simply wasn't that interested in PvP. xD

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    Achievement ofr killing Onyxia at Lvl60

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    Feat of strength for old pvp titles, as people already said. Or just wowrealms data, account creation info..and so on!

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    I usually just link my old PvP title Feat of Strength, but that's only to people who say everyone who says they're from Vanilla is lying, etc. Lol.

    XD I have 5 or 6 of them, after all.

    I don't have the opening of the dark portal tabard, sadly. My sister hogged the computer for her own WoW account for like a week after BC released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChapiChapo View Post
    Achievement ofr killing Onyxia at Lvl60
    Because that couldn't be done in BC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmalya View Post
    Or you just shared your acc which is probably the most common way to get past rank 11 back then.
    Sadly, quite true. The amount of hours you had to play to get R14 was brutal.

    FoS PVP title is the HIGHEST you achieved, not the rank when BC dropped. I also don't remember being given an option of which to choose that I had achieved, I was auto-assigned the highest.

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    Screenshot of your account billing, the first date you paid for is listed. Voila.
    Who cares that much anyway though ?

    All the items iv'e vendored, disenchanted or simply deleted. That now are "special", shit happens I guess. Would be mad to keep them all anyway with such a limited bag and bank space we have had, it still isn't enough to keep everything that's awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banders View Post
    I'm pretty sure you could have gotten that sneakily in BC by transferring servers with unopened gates...
    You could even get it in Wrath, the last sever you could transfer to and open the gate on was around the release of Ulduar, there was also another gate opening after that but it was locked to transfers at the time.

    Also as some people have mentioned the Courrpted Ashbringer, you could get that in TBC fairly easily.

    Tabard of the protector and battleground title feats of strength are probably some of only remaining legit methods of proving you played in vanilla, not that anyone should care about it.
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