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    How to get Black Prince reputation Revered in less than 20 minutes

    Grab a group of 5 players and go to this location in Krasarang Wilds the mine shaft literally is a straight drop down to avoid the Alliance NPC's if you're horde: http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/8286/bprep.png

    Edit : Works for both horde and alliance and you don't need to be on a quest!
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    Ill mine your shaft. That is all.

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    Alas, Horde only it would appear.

    Eh, I've found my own farming spots for Revered rep. S'cool. I'll get it done tonight most likely.

    That said, any amount of time faster than 6 weeks is entirely moot, since we're also gated by the need for 6,000 VP. But hey.

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    Didnt know it was required to do it fast - But still. horde only i assume?

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    or here is an idea, post how you can quickly achieve a reputation on a public forum so blizzard can nerf it and then remove that ability of others to do so as well...........................................................

    10 derp points.
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    Well as I'm Alliance, no this isn't horde only lol
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    There's an equal spot for horde, with alliance NPC's to farm. In the mine as well, just the other side I guess, or it is a totally different one. Anyway, it's a mine. And the opening has alliance NPC's to farm.

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    no celebration package

    tut tut

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