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    Help! Need 350w power supply video card for online gaming!

    Ok peeps most of you guys/gals know your stuff so I need some help.

    Long story short, wife's desktop inboard video died. Desktop, an Asus, has pretty good components otherwise besides the crappy inboard video, except the low 350w power supply. I stuck a 1g GeForce 520 in there for now as I had one laying around, plays regular games just fine but online suffers.

    What can I get that will help?

    Problems are, the 350w power supply has to stay, absolutely no time to upgrade it.

    Will pay for performance.

    Stupid simple install if possible.

    Help me?
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    What kind of online games are you playing? What are the settings or what settings are you hoping to achieve?

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    why not replace the crap power supply instead of buying a weak card to suit the crap power supply?

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    Quote Originally Posted by baller1308 View Post
    What kind of online games are you playing? What are the settings or what settings are you hoping to achieve?
    Yeah, saying "Online Games" ranges from Farmville to Battlefield 3. We need something to go on.
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    WoW and ToR on anything but the very lowest settings.

    Replacing the power supply would be ideal, but its not possible at this time.

    I'm just looking for a quick fix for 4-5 months and can't talk my wife into waiting.

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    I should have mentioned it had a inboard Raedon that played everything at high settings fluidly. No shadows. Ultra was playable but raids were impossible.

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    Does it have a gfx card power connector?

    Also whats its max rating on the 12v line as its probably 350W max spit between the different voltage lines, will probs only support 300W max for any extended use. OEM psu dont last long when ran at max load.

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    Radeon HD7750 (800MHz) for ~$100
    Doesn't need an extra power connector, but is sufficiently fast for most games.

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    Just buy something off of craigslist, anything will do for those games. (these do not require cables from PSU, and will run on a 350w fine)

    Some examples:

    Radeon 4650/4670/5670/6670
    Nvidia GT 240

    You should be able to pick one of these up for 20-30 bucks easy. 5670/6670 would be preferred because they support DX11.

    If you dont wanna do the craigslist thing i would recommend this card from newegg: (easiest on the wallet, will play the games you listed just fine)


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    Wait i just read the part about you putting a GT 520 in there, that should be much much much faster than the onboard before it went out. Make sure you have drivers up to date.

    I assume it was playing wow fine before on the integrated graphics, and you are not happy with the performance of the GT 520?

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    You need to tell us if it was playing fine before the onboard video went out, because online games like wow require more CPU power than GPU.

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    Just updated drivers and it is a HUGE upgrade in performance. The driver I was using was 2 update old, so yeah, the 520 is as good as inboard was. Still no ultra or shadows, but more than acceptable. Thank you everyone for the replys.

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