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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanariya View Post
    Fugliest tooltips ever.
    This. inb4 someone makes an addon to change the tooltips.

    Quote Originally Posted by Axi View Post
    Wasn't the hybrid healing nerf supposed to be in this patch? What happened to it? Does anyone know?
    Dps specs no longer receive bonus healing from pvp power and healing specs no longer receive increased damage.
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    The flaws in your argument
    Quote Originally Posted by Salech View Post
    That shaman totem change is fucking retarded.

    Yeah that's what gated content means, that you "feel" there's more, when there is less, they've been slacking a lot with content, instead of making the stuff fun and harder, they made it just arbitrarely longer.
    So 16 bosses in total at the start of the expansion, where normal is an okay challenge and HC being where it should be - considering the time it even took to take down Sha of Fear for World First - You still somehow find it in you so say that they have slacked with the content.


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    The patch isn't out in EU?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amirila View Post
    The patch isn't out in EU?
    EU-Patchday is on Wednesday

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    Does anyone know what the items from the new faction will cost? is it going to be valor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doorsfan View Post
    So 16 bosses in total at the start of the expansion, where normal is an okay challenge and HC being where it should be - considering the time it even took to take down Sha of Fear for World First - You still somehow find it in you so say that they have slacked with the content.

    ^^This so much

    I think if Blizzard put out new content everyday some people would still complain that they are being lazy and that there isn't enough content. I still have LOADS of content left. Heck my guild hasn't even cleared Normal Heart of Fear. Some people's expectations are just unrealistic. I guess you can't please everyone.

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    Too soon. 5.1 is way too soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrouswheel View Post
    You do realize dailies take little effort right? I don't mind effort, I mind horribly lazy content shoveled down our throat. Quests are lame, doing the exact same ones over and over again are not hard, they're just stupid. I'm sorry that dailies are hard for you and that you need to take actual effort to complete them. Maybe l2play?
    Effort like competing with the whole server for a single daily quest objective, which does not share with team? (I am looking at you, Golden Lotus)
    I prefer raids, at least they are instanced.
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    Spell steal gives wings and Working As Intended

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    what about the broken gate of the setting sun where u cant do damage cuz target obscured?
    what about the hunter pet disappearing on zoning since years?
    why they changed the ghost wolf form to interrupt everything on cast? it was so good u just cancelled form and cast the spell now u fukked.. yes im whining cuz i have to click twice....

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    Yay wooohoooo more dailies .... /sarcasm off

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    yayyy MORE dailies .. no sarcasm.. at least i reach the weekly cap of points with em

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    Damn it! Wait one more week please! I haven't even started doing dungeons!!!

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    FINALLY some Sci-Fi Mumbo jumbo.... :>

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    Is there a patch cinematic ? (An actual patch one... not what is above)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elrandir View Post
    More dailies and rep grind, I seriously don't understand what's going on in this expansion, no effing way I'm even touching that. What was wrong with reputation tabards, bring them back already.
    What's wrong with rep tabards? That they are too good, and nullifies content, storylines, and interaction with the world.

    EDIT: never thought I'd see "too soon!" (read in ragnaros voice) when a major patch is approaching. Interestingly it seems accompanied by people who "aren't ready". Good guy MoP keeping people busy
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    WoD was destroyed thanks to MoP feedback where everything outside of raids should be optional.
    So keep that in mind as you once again complain about things being "mandatory for raiding".
    Whenever I see people complaining there's too much to do in Legion I know that Blizzard is on the right path again.

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    Am I reading this right? Only MoP faction rep gets the bonus once one of your chars hits revered with said faction?

    Was hoping it would count for old reps as well, would've made revered -> exalted with old factions easier as well.

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    Oh man I wonder if any PvP will be going on for those objectives. Probably going to get crushed by Alliance on my server though, they have twice our numbers

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    The players have spoken and blizzard listened! More dailies for everyone! Woooo!

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    Meh, only thing for me this patch is the soloing old raids thing, wel see if theyve actually sorted all old raids to not have anti soloing mechanics though (i doubt it).

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    People are still bitching about dailies? Jesus Christ -.-

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    yay mage is shi.. more dailyz yay great path ... Not
    give fkn tabard for rep ffs

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