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    Ahahahahah, PvE'rs qqing about doing pvp. Now, you finally get the feeling we had for last 8 year. Oh the pain of farming trinkets / weapons in damn raids.

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    Indeed, time to afk in bg's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluttershy View Post
    Yeah assuming 50/50 win rate that's about 7-10 hours. for 3-4 minute ques and 15-30 minute games.
    And how many months do you have to complete this before the storyline progress yet again?

    I think it's nice that we actually need to do som PvP for the Legendaries, and I am not even an avid PvP'er myself.

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    So? You have months to win just ten TEN! Bgs. That's isn't very hard nor does it take alot of time. Sure you might die easy but it's just random bgs. Most people that do them aren't even in full pvp gear.
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    Wasn't it changed to just 1 Silvershard and 1 Kotmogu win? I don't see the big fuss.

    Heck, even if it was 10 wins I wouldnt see it, but meh. I personally don't do PVP anymore either, but this is all about the Horde/Alliance war, son! I'll step onto the plate if that's what it takes! Go team blue!
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annoying View Post
    Regardless of ease of completion or pedantic bickering over legendaries, some of us just don't like PvP.
    Some of us didn't like PvE either but we were forced to do it for 11 season to be competitive. (Let's not even count Vanilla)

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    It's brilliant, will get my lazy ass guild into bgs for a day at least.

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    From what I've read here, its 10 wins


    not 100, theres no need for you to go out of your way and gear, infact well before you get a full set of blue BoP gear, You will have won 10, it's doable in one night with effort

    Get a grip for fuck sakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axola View Post
    Ahahahahah, PvE'rs qqing about doing pvp. Now, you finally get the feeling we had for last 8 year. Oh the pain of farming trinkets / weapons in damn raids.
    I fail to see your point,

    for years I've seen PvE'rs moan about PvP'rs in PvE raids,

    for years I've seen PvP'rs moan about PvP'es in PvP

    One says their moaning to get the best trinket, and weps to be competitive in pvp

    the other says they have to do pvp to get a few more ilvls

    One set moans they get all the players in pvp gear in raids

    the other set moans they get all the pve gear in pvp,

    (Totally worth it)

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    Oh look another complaint about unreleased content

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    I hate PvP. That said I don't think it's too big a deal. One win a day for 10 days. How hard can it be?? If I die a lot so what?

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    I'd much rather do this then do dailies that's for sure.

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    My only problem with the 10 wins is that I'm a rogue.

    I'm pretty much going to be a parasite.

    I feel sorry for whoever I get grouped with.


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    Wait, what Wrathion wants me to PvP???

    O.k. ....

    *snatches Turban and knocks him over the head*

    Free leggies for everyone!

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    Better than farming those 1000 souls for Shadowmourne.

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    Beyond retarded? I guess that's just your opinion. As someone who likes both PvE and PvP, I have to say I love the idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makro View Post
    Better than farming those 1000 souls for Shadowmourne.
    Totally forgot about this, Yea much better than that, it took me friken ages, and I was only after shadow's edge,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninaran View Post
    This will take a lot of Alterac Graveyard AFKing from me. Meh.
    This will take a lot of /report on my side to mark you as a piece of shit deserter that wastes him team's time instead of helping them win.

    People who play WARcraft and don't PVP should be banned anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axola View Post
    Ahahahahah, PvE'rs qqing about doing pvp. Now, you finally get the feeling we had for last 8 year. Oh the pain of farming trinkets / weapons in damn raids.
    My thoughts exactly.

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    lol 10 bgs is pathetic. Id say it should be 50 or so but that would only increase the already rampant botting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluttershy View Post
    I have two characters, a pve rogue and a pvp hunter.

    Needless to say pvping on a rogue is ridiculously stupid, while hunters are mostly bottom of the barrel on dps. So now to get my rogue's legendary questline continued I have to do pvp while wearing crap blue pvp gear and my pvp geared hunter who doesn't care about sha gems has nothing to benefit from the new faction.

    Oh boy such good game design! At the very least they should've informed us of this before MoP
    Well it's not as much about design as it is a slap in the face of people that actually want to enjoy BG's. They have to deal with a lot of botters/AFK'ers as it si, and now to add insult to injury, they need to also host a bunch of people that don't like PVP and/or suck at it (like me). With the current stat eof BG's and PVP I doubt this is smart... I will probably hit AV since that is a BG I actually enjoy a small bit, and just get the 10 wins over with. Can only hope we do it well as Alliance....

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