Hello everyone! We are Red.

We are a guild comprised of old and new friends who were for various reasons scattered around to different places after our former raid lead had to call it quits a couple years back. We are all back now and have decided to all reconvene with one another in a new guild to clear all WoD has to offer. Our core is all very skilled and have varying degrees of progression since we were all together last and are looking for some more people to join us, and the new friends we have brought in to keep our raiding spots honest and competitive.

What you can expect from us.

* An effective, progressive raiding environment that will not compromise our enjoyment of the raiding experience by surrounding ourselves with under performing dead weight or with arrogant, snotty elitists. We have all either lead or spent time in the upper end semi hardcore guilds and have decided that this time around we will commit ourselves to our ideal raiding culture and will not raid with people who detract from the experience one way of the other.

* Secure raiding, We will not be looking to replace someone who is enjoyable to be around with someone no one enjoys raiding with because that person pulls marginally better numbers. Security in knowing that no one will be carried either. If someone simply cannot push the right buttons at the right time they will be talked to, given ample time to display improvement and quickly evaluated. We will not surround ourselves with As&#@oles or baddies.

* Fair loot distribution. We will run a loot council, pretty standard stuff, If its #1 BiS for a warrior and #6 BiS for a DK it will go to the warrior. Of course there are always exceptional circumstances to be considered. Anything that is not clear cut will result in a /roll. Traditionally our team has spent more time trying to give the other guy the loot rather than demanding it for ourselves.

*Organized raiding. All our strats will be posted on the website well in advance with discussion about each one. Easy to use and access website for discussion and posting out.The standard stuff you need and nothing don't.

* Relentless recruiting. We recruit tirelessly to keep spots competitive and to combat attrition. Mythic raiding will see us running a waitlist to help us against absences and to provide us flexibility in raid comp. People will be cycled in fight to fight. No one will be made to sit an entire evening.

What we expect from you

* Positive attitude. We raid because raiding is fun. If you detract from said fun then please raid elsewhere.

* Skill. Show up knowledgeable of your class. Know your off specs, be prepared to use them. Know the gear you are looking for. Know your role in each phase of each encounter. There are many places to research your class and if you are not taking advantage of all or most of them then we may not be a good fit for you.

* Preparedness. We will not provide you pots or flasks. We raid 2 nights and wont be wasting 15 minutes distributing items that any raider worth a damn should already have. Show up properly optimized, gemmed, chanted etc etc. This also means you have reviewed the videos and read the discussions regarding each encounter and have a pretty good idea of when and where you need to be doing what.

* Punctuality. Don't be that guy...just don't be the late guy. Things come up, we get that, we all have lives but most people these days have smart phones and the ability to post out on the site or text someone.

* Attendance. We don't have a percentage of raids per week or month you need to make. If it seems like you are missing too many raids then you are probably missing too many and we will have to move on.

What we do NOT need from you

* SoO Progression. WoD looks to be pretty amazing. Many people are being drawn back to our beloved game and many of them are very skilled and enjoyable people who for whatever reasons called it quits in Cata or MoP. We look for past raiding excellence, or for people who can prove a strong drive and the knowledge of how to achieve this. You do not need to have been 14/14M in SoO to be considered. We are a great place for a returning player to call home. A mantra of ours has always been recruit the player not the toon.

What we are looking for? Currently we would LOVE some RANGED DPS with emphasis on a shadow priest or boomkin with a heal OS. Although we are always open in to trying out other players if they look like a good fit.

There isn't a lot to this place. That was our intention. Keep it simple and loose. We are all good players and wanted to create a new home for ourselves that reflects our style of gaming. Effective, vulgar, loose, drama free and above all fun. Skilled players that annoy everyone and *!@#ty players that hold the team back are not fun and we have no interest in raiding with either of them. Be good, be on time and be cool. Thats what we are all about here at Red. If this sounds appealing to you or you have ANY questions please add my battletag (PrimalRain14#1946) or apply on the website www.redofsargeras.enjin.com !

We look foward to hearing from you !