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    [H] US-Twisting Nether - Crimson Chaos 2/7 Mythic - Recruitment Open!

    <Crimson Chaos> 2/7 Mythic HM 8/10 Heroic BrF
    we're looking to expand our roster for Mythic Raiding!

    Raid Times
    Thu 7-10pm server
    Wed 7-10pm server
    Sun 7-10pm server

    About us
    Crimson Chaos is a collection of long time Twisting Nether raiders from many top guilds over the server's history. We strive to maintain a positive progression oriented environment for raiding.

    We currently have OPEN RECRUITMENT for ALL CLASSES
    with the EXCEPTIONS of Mage, Priest, and Warlock.

    We are always welcome to open recruitment for players of any class that perform exceedingly well.

    What you should know before contacting us
    We are looking for applicants ready to step into Mythic raids that know how to best play their class at a progression level.
    And to always look to improve themselves.

    We expect you to have logs for us to evaluate in order to determine whether or not you should be a potential candidate for our team.

    We expect you to know everything about all fights as well as how to optimally play your class on each encounter.

    Who to contact
    If you are interested in joining, visit http://crimsonchaos.com/ to apply
    and contact

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    bumping to the top!

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    can i bump it to the heavens?

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    we kinda need tanks, if anyone's interested!

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