<Thug Mentality> is a stable and mature PVP guild actively recruiting to fill the ranks of our RBG teams. We are currently running RBGs every Wednesday and Thursday night from 8:30PM EST to 10:30PM EST but would love to start two more teams ASAP (a weeknight one and a weekend one).

We don't need you to link your achieves or your current cr; we just want players that are extremely knowledgeable about their class, can top heal/damage charts, and know what a fucking cc/dispel is. I am aware that the current RBG environment is pretty finicky, so my current aspirations for this season aren't grandiose. I just want to get some cool ass folks into the guild that enjoy pvp-ing, get them into some RBGs and start rockin' and rollin'.

If you have any questions, or just want to have a rant over pvp in general hit me up on battlenet: esmeyesmey#1101