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    [H] <Fate> on US-Earthen Ring is 6/7H and LF a Feral/Other DPS!

    <Fate> is currently recruiting. After taking a hiatus from raiding a couple of months after getting Server First Heroic (pre-Mythic) Garrosh, the team is getting back together for the new expansion!

    Realm: US- Earthen Ring
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
    Raiding Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30pm-11:30pm
    Voice Comm: Teamspeak
    Loot Distribution: Loot Council, mostly based on loot:hour ratio

    High Priority Classes:
    Feral Druid
    Lazerchicken Druid
    Awesome Rogue
    ** All outstanding applications will be considered! **

    What we look for in applications:
    1) We are a very vocal guild. Many of us are friends (or relatives) in real life. We manage to joke around a LOT and still get what we need to done (I know every guild says that, but this is the first one I've been in that actually accomplishes it.) Therefore, we expect applicants to be open to all sorts of personalities. You don't have to be a social butterfly, but you DO need to be able to take some friendly jabs, and a not-so-PG Teamspeak.

    2) Applicants should be able to prove that they have a good grasp of their class and roles. Some of the things that we may look for from you are Gold Challenge Modes, Endless: Wave 30 Achievement in Proving Grounds for your role, or Brawlers Guild completion. We do NOT consider these things to be the "be all, end all," but we need you to show us that you are comfortable with your class and are constantly pushing yourself to be better. As a guild, we do not compete with each other, we compete with ourselves.

    3) 100% availability. We only raid two nights a week, so we make those nights count. Please show up on time, do not ninja-AFK, and come Flasked, armed with pre-Pots, and ready to raid!

    How to apply:
    Please apply at groupthree[dot]enjin[dot]com or add me on battletag: Jules#1115 to chat, or for more info!

    ** Our Heroic raid group currently has between 22 and 23 people in it. While we do not actively recruit for the bench, we are always looking to improve the overall team! We have enough people to set foot in Mythic as soon as we're comfortable with our core group. **

    Thanks for your consideration, hope to hear from you soon!
    ~ Jules

    - - - Updated - - -

    WTB a kitty!
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    6/7H and in the final phase of Heroic Imperator! Check us out so we can cross-server trial!

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