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  • Yes, I click all my spells

    4 5.56%
  • Yes, I click a lot of my spells

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  • No, I keybind most

    29 40.28%
  • No, I keybind everything

    31 43.06%
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    Are you a clicker?

    Hey there MMO, nearly 2 years ago (1 year, 9 months and 1 day ago), I posted a thread titled the exact same as this one. Thanks to some pretty heavy moderation from Raven it managed to stay open and surprisingly, a huge amount of people voted in the poll. (Over 1000 of you guys voted!)

    Now we're into the new expansion, i'm posting the same identical poll again to see if anything has changed. Has the general playerbase of WoW started keybinding more as they got used to their classes, or have the new talent trees and new spells drowned people in spells to the point where players don't find it practical to keybind?

    I'd just like to say up front that this is NOT a debate about which playstyle is superior. I want people to be honest in the thread (and poll) and that wont be possible if there is people flaming each other about how they use their spells. Thank you

    Note: Lets say Healing addons which cast spells on mouse clicks on playerframes count as keybound for now, as it's pretty much the same as using mouseover macros.


    Simple question; are you a clicker?

    Detailed overview of the poll options:
    "Yes, I click all of my spells" - You click everything, even the spells on 1 and 2 of your action bar.
    "Yes, I click most of my spells" - Maybe have 1-6 keybound, maybe 1-6 and a few shift modifiers, but the majority of spells you still click.
    "No, I keybind most" - Click a few spells; buffs, seals, maybe even stances and forms. Things you may not consider important.
    "No, I keybind everything" - You keybind everything. (For PvP: Doesn't include Heroism and Combat Res).

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    I am not a pro player but I Click/Bind . It just depends on what I m doing .. You can just Click @ raid. In PVP Clicking mostly ends up bad ^^
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    Hmm.. theres really a line between keybinding and keybinding EVERYTHING. I guess its kind of a hybrid clicker, I mean I keybind all spells and all focus abilities, but I click arena frames for teammates or enemies depending on the toon I play and whether its necessary to have (for example my hpally really doesnt have any enemy targetting macros since I rarely target enemies besides hoj or some minor dps which can be done by clicking the frame with no sweat).

    I know some people with 75+ keybinds that have target arena 1/2/3 for half their abilities and I think thats a big overkill.

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    Click/Bind here. Nothing wrong with click things from time to time.

    edit* I don't really like the choices given in this poll. I didn't partake because there isn't an option that applies to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thisnamesucks View Post
    ... but I click arena frames for teammates or enemies depending on the toon I play and whether its necessary to have (for example my hpally really doesnt have any enemy targetting macros since I rarely target enemies besides hoj ...
    Clicking arena party frames / arena enemy frames I wouldn't consider clicking. This thread is mainly looking at spells and abilities rather than targeting

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    Quote Originally Posted by iWolfBanei View Post
    (For PvP: Doesn't include Heroism and Combat Res).
    uh, why not? post-patch i understand, but pre-5.1?

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    I've bound all of the primary abilties is find myself spamming oftenly, but i usually dont have my cds with 2-3 min or more cd, because i dont want to accidently press the bind and waste my cd.
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    I used to bind all my spells, but then, for me at least, i just DL a bar addon then rearranged them for better use. now i only bind maybe 20% of my spells and havn't lost any dps

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    Confession: I used to be a clicker since vanilla, and till 4.2. Forced myself to l2keybind everything (except mundane stuff like mana pots, HS, and so on), never looked back since.

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    Slowly, but surely the amount of keybinds I have has increased, but often times finding keys that are actually good for binding is absurd. I also don't find certain abilities to be important enough to bind, such as Stances, Buffs, Etc.

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    Hmm this is the pvp forum but Im going to bet at least half the people in here are not talking about pvp :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by thisnamesucks View Post
    Hmm this is the pvp forum but Im going to bet at least half the people in here are not talking about pvp :/
    Doesn't matter so much. I doubt all 1000 votes in the previous thread were from PvPers.

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    I have all my main abilites on 1-6 and use that. Otherwise I click. I have tried keybinding a couple times but it just feels awkward to me for some reason so I always go back to the way I'm used to doing it.

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    i have R and F bound, but most of my spells are bound to my razer naga i click everything else

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    I keybind most of my spells, and they're all over the place, like 8 next to Shift 6. PvPing a bit with my priest but still haven't found suitable keybinds for Halo/Fade/Void Shift (or whatever).

    Also got a warrior at a lower lvl, and most of my abilities here are bound too. I recently started using Control R, which was a huge step for me, as it's my first Control keybind. Mostly done Bgs as prot, and while I did try arms once, I found it to be less useful as many abilities werent keybound, mostly for stances/Last Stand and some other I would say usefull stuff, which I should macro, but meh, I never get to that point.

    I might add that I'm using Dominos for easy customastation of actions bars and keybinds as well as Steelseries Merc Stealth, and I swear, it makes using keybinds for me so much simpler because my hands are too small to reach many keys; Shidt 1-6 would be problematic for me with a normal keyboard.
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