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    Stealth problem and/or Shadow Focus?

    Anyone else having problems with stealth after dismounting? I'm constantly dropped out of stealth on the very first try after moving and dismounting. Stealth,shadow focus buffs come up, I see a big gray flash like thingie and then they both fade.
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    Don't think I have. At least I haven't installed any new addons since yesterday and then it worked flawlessly.

    Just checked it now again, seems to be better a tiny bit, but it's still there...

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    The only time I had a problem with coming out of stealth is when I had a companion pet that couldn't fly so every time I entered stealth it took me out of it automatically, by getting the companion pet out

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    Anyone flying really far when using stealth to dismount now? I like... slingshot forward now.
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    everytime i dismount i feel like i'm actually being launched from the mount into stealth after 5.1, a few times literally being thrown at the target LMFAO!

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    Yeah, I've had a few splatters off of cliffs before I figured out what was going on. Ugh. Stupid mount launcher. Hope that's just a bug.

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