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Thread: Updating Addons

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    Updating Addons

    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering if I should be updating addons when a new patch comes out, as it is the case today. If I use the load out of date addons button, will that affect my gameplay?

    thank you

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    always update addons w/every patch or at least use the curse client to check them for you, /smile.
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    If you do load out-of-date addons, make sure you have BugSack/BugGrabber (or some other error-catching addon setup) installed. This will let you know which addons are working fine, and which are having errors - turn off and/or update the ones that are having errors. No errors? No problem!
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    inb4 'curse client gave me an error one time its full of viruses'
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    All the "load out of date" button does is tell the client "I don't care if the ToC file (kind of a description of the addon) says the addon was made for this version, load it anyways".

    Whether or not it impacts your performance depends on whether or not the APIs used by the addons in question changed in the patch. If they did and are not backwards compatible, errors will occur which will impact performance (and cause the addon to not function either, likely).
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    How long does it usually take for the people that create the Addons to release an update?

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    Depends on the author. Some may never bother packaging a new version just for the ToC push if the addon is still functional.
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    Until a month or so ago, I was still using an addon with a 2.x ToC tag (ie, last update had been during Burning Crusade).

    Worked great. Still works great, just that the author finally got around to making his code more efficient and updating the ToC. :>
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    So it happened and I installed WoW again yesterday and downloaded a whole bunch of Add-Ons with Curse Client. Most of them were out of date in WoW's Add-On list and Curse Client shows them "Recently Updated". I wonder why new versions of the Add-Ons aren't out yet, if I remember correctly in the past most of the Add-Ons I've use have been already updated to newest client version when the patch was on PTR.

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    5.1 didn't really change much in the way of API calls (nameplates got changed somewhat, I think). Most authors won't bother updating all their addons just so they don't show as "out of date". I haven't done it for any of mine yet, for example. They will get their 50100 tag the next time there's another reason to update them.
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