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    Did Ferals get buffed ?

    I am seeing some pretty good damage on my feral druid in BGs.
    I armoried some of the players I did some nice dmg against and not all of them are poorly geared.
    Did we get buffed or something ?.

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    •Mangle now does 500% normal damage plus 78, up from 400% normal damage plus 62.
    •Rake damage reduced by 18%.


    thats the only thing I can think of

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    Isn't that just tooltip changes?
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    I'm not sure, because the patch notes keep changing.. its not even in the official notes anymore. If anyone has a definitive answer I'd appreciate it, if not I'll be able to tell after our next raid by comparing logs I guess..

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    I haven't noticed any damage increases from usual, apart from the fact that I upgraded my weapon. Everything seems normal.
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    Those are Tooltip changes from when 5.0 was released. Those changes were in response to us finding that Rake was better then Shred in most situations. These are the tooltip changes finally catching up. Ferals recieved no damage changes this patch.

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    PvP power on PvP weapons were buffed.

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    Ferals are untouched in 5.1 but pretty huge PvP power buff + 8 more ilvls on your weapon after upgrade cause even bigger number flying.

    For all classes though.
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