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    Target AoE 'Here' macro ?

    Is it possible to have a macro that automatically casts an AoE spell at the location I have targeted.

    e.g. Flamestrike, Rune of Power, Blizzard - the ones with circles that appear ?

    Also - is it possible to macro these to cast on my location ?

    Thank you.

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    From the Ask it! Macro Edition-Thread:

    Sorry, not possible.
    No point mentioning these bats, I thought. The poor bastard will see them soon enough.

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    Not with the WoW macro system, I remember seeing swifty or someone similar using a program that double pressed whenever he did heroic leap

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    Which is, obviously, violating the ToS.
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    No. It is not possible to do this with a macro, but I like to bind these spells to my Middle-Mouse Click. I have my mouse over the area I want to target already, so being able to click with my mouse and move it to that location makes it really, really easy to use.

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