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    if u reach the 25% haste or 24.98%, its a waste of stats if u keep stacking haste
    Kindly ignore everything someone says if you ever see them typing something like this. SPs not even knowing how DoTs and Haste interact makes me want to puke.
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    hehe, as a WL I know how dots work and that caps only matter when your dots run out. So they only are a dps increase if you either suck at clipping your dots correctly or if you are in a multitarget fight.

    @ Kalenah: Could you please provide a link to the logs where you have 150 more ticks on your dots than our priest? Because I checked the top dps shadows for that fight and even they dont have that amount more.
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    dots and haste interact? lol, you probably wiping on normals, but its ok i understand, lolol

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    but its ok i understand, lolol
    Well, from reading your posts, it quite obviously that you DON'T understand how your own class works.

    Every single point of Haste decreases the time it takes for your DoTs to tick (3 sec with 0 Haste). The 8085 breakpoint does about as much for your Dps as having slightly better Crit RNG does, if even that. The one that matters is 8064 (another tick for your DP). Since you can't refresh DP like you can with SW:P and VT, that extra tick actually makes a difference.

    More Haste above 8085 does exactly the same as it does below...

    As for me "wiping on normal modes", I have never ever seen you anywhere in the rankings, so I'm not sure if you are entitled to call anyone out on anything.'

    By MY hand, your slack shall be extinguished, eternally banished from this realm.

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    hes a goblin he doesnt need the 8085 like say a troll or human would because his racial is 1% haste so he only needs 7584 haste to reach for the haste platue
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