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    RPing an undead Death Knight

    Hey all,

    I have always enjoyed the lore of both the Forsaken and Death knights. So recently I rolled and leveled one. Had a great time leveling and I have come to find that I really love the game style of the DK.

    Now, I don't play on a RP server, however, like many players I do RP on my own. But with this character I have trouble understanding how a Forsaken DK really fits into the world. Take the Tillers for example. Would you really find an undead with a farm? I love the tillers area and on my paladin I am exhaulted.

    What reason would a forsaken have for working on a farm? This is just one example. I suppose what I am inquiring is, how do you folks play Forsaken? How do they fit into the world? What's their reason for farming, fishing, etc....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger382 View Post
    What reason would a forsaken have for working on a farm?
    Some forsaken forsake [no pun intended] a life of evil and being notorious, and settle down for a life of something simpler, i.e farming.
    Quote Originally Posted by Thruggy View Post
    Would blizzard really want to make another horde leader end boss of an expansion? Sylvanas is the last person who i would put in as a leader of the horde.

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    money? 10char

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    I can see a DK fishing as a means of relaxing himself and using it as an escapism.

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