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    Transformers Universe [Beta]

    I just got a mail that told me to sing up for the BETA, singed up, and got a letter telling me that I got access to the beta once it is released.

    The flash did not work for me, so I clicked "HTML Version".

    Anyways, anybody has any info on the game?

    War is coming... Transformers Universe BETA registration is now open!

    It's time to choose your allegiance, visit transformersuniverse.com today and register to
    be part of the Transformers Universe closed BETA.
    Transformers Universe is a browser-based massively multiplayer online game currently under development by British online computer game developer Jagex Games Studio and American toy company Hasbro.[2][3] Very little is known about the game beyond that it will be released in North America, Latin America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia in 2013.[4] The game was first revealed to the public at BotCon 2011.[2] It has been announced that gameplay will be very team-based, with players choosing to be an Autobot or a Decepticon.[5] Transformers Universe Brawler Class Revealed Players will also be able to customize their appearance.[5] Similar to High Moon Studios' Transformers games (Transformers: War for Cybertron and Transformers: Dark of the Moon) and other third-person shooter or first-person shooter games, Transformers Universe will feature purpose / design classes.[5][6] The game is set in the Transformers: Prime timeline.[7] Transformers Universe is currently being developed with a more advanced version of the RuneScape engine.[1]
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    First thing I thought of when I saw the video was that I don't really like the graphics.

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    looks like a console game, Sadly.
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    It is being called a 'Tactical Action Combat Game', It looks like a lot of pvp. There are definately classes, so far they show medics and melee classes, some melee classes seem to be heavier (armor and two hand weapons) than others, and the others are more agile two hand weapon classes. The healers heal by shooting healing beams and rockets at friendly targets.

    It also looks like you choose a named robot and play it, rather than designing your own robot by chosing a chasis and color scheme and then your class of choice. There seem to be 10 models on either side.

    I went home to sign up for beta because you have to run a program that sends them info on your computers specs but once I got it running it failed because the website was down, got back to work and it was up .

    Seemed more like PVP than PVE.

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    looks like a console game, Sadly.
    The questionaire you fill out does require you to click on boxes for what you play on, from handhelds, tablets to PC's and consoles. My guess is it will be for consoles and PC.

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    the homepage is www.transformersuniverse.com, lots of videos there. The rap song in the background of the trailer is kinda bad, but they are english so I forgive them.

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    Can I kick Shia Labeouf's ass in this game?

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    Transformers Universe is currently being developed with a more advanced version of the RuneScape engine.[1]
    Glad I'm not a fan of transformers, or I'd be pretty crushed right about now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OmniSkribe View Post
    Can I kick Shia Labeouf's ass in this game?
    It's not nice to hit ladies.

    Unless it is a lady robot healing your opponents.

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    Lets hope its not another IP milk...

    oh what am I saying its an IP milk lol
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    If I can make my own robot, name it and kick some can with some heavy metal smashing sounds I really don't care if it is an ip milk.

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