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    Question What gear should I upgrade first?

    Tried to find out what portion of the gear should I upgrade first with the new upgrade system of 5.1.

    As a physical (fury warrior) I assume our best upgrade would be to boost the weapon damage so am I right on this order?

    1.) Weapon upgrade
    2.) DMC trinket upgrade
    3.) any other gear upgrade

    edit: pve raiding environment ofc

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    imho - Upgrade your highest ilvl piece that will most likely not get replaced for a long time.

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    waiting for one heroic itm because it would be stupid to upgrade now because you will change it nevertheless

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    While weapons take the highest priority i would just go for your highest Ilvl or any item you wont be replacing for a long time.

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    Ok, I'm asking it in an other way:

    Assuming if I'm in full BiS gear already, should I upgrade my weapons first for the most DPS increase or any other portion of the gear?
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