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    Halo Bug/Change?

    Apparently halo now gets everyone in its radius out of stealth instantly, before it even does damage to them.
    If thats how it worked before the patch i'm sorry but i never noticed that.
    If possible could anyone test it?
    I tested it with 2 priests, one shadow other disc on my druid and rogue.
    Always got me out of stealth instantly no matter how far away from them i was.

    Posted on official, noone cares.

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    I think that's the "responsiveness" fix mentioned in the patchnotes.

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    Aww, I thought this might be about Halo 4.

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    It does however still miss at 28-30 yards, causing no damage. Keep that in mind when judging range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    Aww, I thought this might be about Halo 4.
    And that's why it's in the priest forums?

    Awesomely made by Caiti.

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    Chi Torpedo, Halo, and Divine Star will no longer remove Stealth unless damage is actually dealt to the stealthed target.

    Lets hope it now works as intended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyra View Post
    And that's why it's in the priest forums?
    'T was on the front page, i also come here thinking it was about Halo 4

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