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    What do you think the resource decrease will do for profitability off these 2 activities? I am not sure if lower spawn rates on herbs/ore will actually mean lower prices personally.

    The initially higher prices due to scarcity would lead to more farming and more bots, lowering the price again, and keeping it that way for a good while while all the farmers/botters realize nothing has changed in reality due to more herbers/miners. Then prices will go back up when people stop out of frustration, and then people will be attracted by high prices and do it again, ad nauseum.
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    The only problem is with the rates going down by a flat 50% being available the prices on things (see: gems) that result from it will naturally go up. And more farming won't really mean much in my mind because that doesn't change the fact that less ore is available.

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    You assume that thee will be more bots because there is less ore. There will be the same amount of bots. Its not like people use bots because resources are rare, they use bots because they don't want to spend time and effort gathering nodes regardless of the spawn rates. They use bots because its easy and there is obvious profit over risk to be made. Its not like a typical player gets so frustrated by the lack of herbing nodes that they are forced to use a bot.

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