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    Shadow DPS Help

    Hi all,

    I am MS Discipline and have always had a good Shadow off-spec but hardly ever used it in 5.4

    Can anyone give me an insight on the opening spells to use when starting an encounter?
    Also basic rotation..

    I know to MB > VT > SW > Mind Flay and DP at 3 orbs.. but is there anything else I need to know about?

    My armory is here:


    (First post so can't post links just replace the "DOT" with a ".")

    So any tips on what to change glyph/talent/reforge/gem-wise then feel free to comment.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Talents look fine. However, you want to get the 2 piece t16 asap.
    Priority should be DP (3 orbs) > MB > SW > MF (Insanity) > Dots > MF (regular)

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    A couple of things. First, you need to time your DP and insanity so that you will not have to refresh dots in the middle of insanity at the least. Timing it so you don't have to interrupt for mind blast is a bonus that doesn't always work out. The next is dot snap shotting. You have to be good at this to be good at shadow.

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