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    Rift 2.0 Storm Legion Hotfixes

    After the most successful launch of any Expansion, ever, the time has come to tweak and fill in the gaps, the hotfix applied to fix the lag and latency during the first few hours dosen't seem to be counted

    So, we start the ball rolling with Hotfix #1

    RIFT 2.0 Hotfix #1 - 8:00am PST 11/16/12 [NA] - 2:00am GMT 17/11/12 [EU]


    * Dungeons: Completing Exodus of the Storm Queen after being queued in LFD will now grant the proper LFD reward.
    * Dungeons: Completing Storm Breaker Protocol after being queued in LFD now grants only *one* LFD reward!
    * PVP: Daily Random Warfront reward counts won't be resetting to a full 7 every day anymore!
    * Food consumables from Alo once again stack like they should.
    * The porticulum option to go to Dusken and Brevane is now only displayed to characters who have discovered a porticulum in the expansion areas.
    * Removed the gold ring that represented the 'zone in location' in dimensions due to a lot of confusion!


    * Fixed an issue with repeatable quests counting toward the total quest achievements in Morban and Steppes of Infinity.
    * The Motes and Menhir Dimension Items dropped from Rifts no longer have an incorrect faction requirement on them.
    * Some areas of Brevane and Dusken will no longer be incorrectly revealed when using a porticulum in Mathosia.
    * Instant Adventure meta-quests in Brevane and Dusken are now non-repeatable.
    * Some Instant Adventure abilities that were not being removed on completion/group leaving should now do so properly.


    * Ritualistic Vandalism: Made respawns for this quest more aggressive.
    * Versus Bareknuckle Buck: Updated this into a simpler kill quest. If he dies by any means, the quest now updates. The quest abilities now do more damage, and players who correctly use the mechanic will get a killing blow. Buck can also be taken down by more... traditional means.


    * Serving Woman: Fixed a case where the quest could break when players joined late in the quest progress.


    * Removed the quest Recluse Wrangling from the requirements to complete the achievement 'Keeping on for the Keepers'.


    * No Way Out: Fixed up the version of the questgiver (Terrik Conti) on this quest.
    * Shoddy Surveillance: Quest should be completable once more!


    * The Zone Event 'Operation: Landfall' now correctly grants an achievement when completed.
    * Mortal Coil: Commander Zaviel will no longer be targetable when in her Iron Dragon during this quest.
    * Gravity Coil: Fixed an issue that sometimes caused no credit to grant when the Rift is completed.
    * The God Engine: Gremlins will now respawn more aggressively.


    * They're Coming: Resolved some issues where mobs could potentially stop attacking and you might not get credit for defending the Transmitter.
    * Moved Sergeant Orabel and Private Torval to make them more noticeable upon entering Ruinous Passage.
    * Brevane Energy: Fixed an issue where you might not receive the necessary number of Brevane Power Cells to complete the quest.


    * The rate of harvest note spawns and crafting skillups has been super high to go along with the rush at launch, and is now less aggressive:
    - Harvest nodes will respawn a bit slower, and definitely shouldn't be respawning instantly.
    - Yellow and Green con harvest nodes won't grant skillups 100% of the time, in line with the normal yellow and green difficulty skillup rate.
    - Adjusted drop rates of Leather and Cloth.
    * The "WIP-Do Not Translate" Dimension item now has real text!
    * Fixed Brevanic fish lures that wouldn't work in Cape Jule.
    * Crafted swords for Warriors can now be equipped in off-hand as well as main hand.


    * Fixed a bad positioning in the Guild Vault Permissions list.
    * Fixed a display issue with a wrong map's zone names appearing on the porticulum map.
    * Also fixed a related display issue causing zone named to be hidden from the map after using a porticulum.
    * Cleared the occasional "teleport failed" message you might have seen when entering Dimensions.
    * Fixed the Random button on the Weekly Dimensions in Dimension Finder.
    * The player location indicator disappearing after using a porticulum should be fixed.

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    No mention on a fix for the city core specific and dungeon entering crashes I see.

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    More tweaks and fixes to make your stay in Storm Legion more enjoyable

    RIFT 2.0 Hotfix #2 - 8:00am PST 11/20/12 [NA] - 2:00am GMT 21/11/12 [EU]


    * Fixed a world crash issue that plagued both NA and EU region shards through the weekend.
    * Upgradable items can now be upgraded while equipped.
    * Achievements that are cumulative/chained - such as 'Craft 50,000 items' which should have credit for completing the previous achievements in the chain - should be properly restored with your prior contributions instead of being reset to zero.
    * The hide-other-players toggle now also hides their pets.
    * Fixed some Dimension items and capes not showing properly for various people.
    * LFG: Dungeons list now separates Expert Dungeons into Classic and Storm Legion lists.
    * Fixed an issue where characters could end up in the queue for Storm Legion Warfronts even if they didn't have Storm Legion.
    * Elven females should only shout once at character select while dual wielding, not twice! YAHHH~!
    * Fixed an overly high drop rate for Epic essences in Storm Legion.


    * Many many Storm Legion quests that did not have minimum level requirements to obtain now do so - with the earliest ones available at 48+.
    * Adjusted Zone Event colossi hit points to better scale with player damage and population - higher lows and lower highs on their hit point amounts.
    * Achievement: Operation Landfall: Should now be granted at the completion of the Operation Landfall zone event.
    * Revealing areas on the map near oceans will now clear all the way to the water, even though you may not be able to physically go there.


    * Increased minimum required level on Great Hunt Rift quests to 60 from 50.
    * Reactive Shield - Hunt Rift boss ability: Shaved off half of the absorb percentage per player.
    * Normal Hunt Rift bosses are now guaranteed to drop Empyreal Stone.
    * Echoes of Deceit: Fixed some quest objects being underground.
    * Fixed Hunt Rift lures being consumed when turning in the Planar Translocation and Night of the Hunter quests.


    * Riches of the Biofoundry: Updated so this is a quest granted by an item dropped by Volan - Volan's drop is now a Quest Item.
    * Zone Event: Dreams of Blood and Bone: Cannons now have mouseover tooltips!
    * Daily quests in Ashora should be granting correct rewards.
    * Onslaught: Fixed map markers for Arjuros and Optheron. Moved Zavari closer to the wardstone in Broken Marsh.
    * IA: A Clear Conscience: Fixed an issue where completing this IA could kick players out of the IA group.


    * IA: The All Clear Signal: Academy Guards should no longer patrol the survivor turn-in area.
    * Tower of Dawn: Fixed entry portal to allow Soul Walking characters to re-enter.


    * Circuit Shorting: Fixed consoles becoming permanently unusable. Additional quest fixes incoming.


    * Deadly Surprise: Storm Legion soldiers who run toward the rigged chests, and the chests themselves, now despawn if they are not killed by the explosion.


    * Change of Pace: Removed incorrect quest reward.
    * Disable the Trap: Now shares objective updates with your group.
    * Friendly Fire: Added correct quest reward.
    * A Meeting of Minds, Thought Police, Friendly Fire: Adjusted the polymorph to address players not being transformed as intended.
    * IA: Corrected the location placements and contribution distances for Adventures.
    * Nutritious, not Delicious: Made changes to the quest to prevent some player pets from being caught in a death loop.


    * Reduced boss health in Standard dungeons in order to shorten average encounter length.
    * Added first-completion rewards to dungeons that were missing it - Exodus of the Storm Queen, Storm Breaker Protocol, Unhallowed Boneforge, Archive of Flesh, and Empyrean Core.


    * Standard: General population mobs now drop proper loot! [Fix is still incoming for Expert.]


    * Manslaughter: Addressed issue where Manslaughter can become stuck casting Rotary Assault Cannon.
    * Removed name display from Manslaughter's gel pools.


    * Slagstorm's damage shield VFX now last the entire duration of the effect.
    * In the Telaphalon fight, Batua now says his wave completion line only once.
    * Storm Breakers can now move while using Robo Rumble! They also move slightly faster.
    * Slightly reduced general mob population.


    * Fixed the entry teleporter.
    * Fixed fight boundaries for Bruzhail so the AoEs can only be dodged by going through the empty lane.
    * Adjusted borders around Ahgnox the Corpsekeeper's fight space to help keep him from getting stuck in collision when charging.
    * Reduced aggro distance on the Necrotic Throne.
    * You should no longer remain in combat after defeating Avoxcia.


    * Fury of the Ascended, Holy Champion, and Anti-Planar Augmentation now deal 20% increased damage against Colossi (reduced from 200%). The 200% damage increase against Invasions is unchanged.
    * Updated a bunch of Soul Preset auto-hotbar layouts.



    * Consuming Boon of Life with an instant-cast Nature's Touch will now also consume the proc from Eldritch Armor.


    * Fixed damage values for Shadow Revenant's Scourge Bolt and Oblivion rank 7 - these two damage values had been swapped.


    * Lightning Conductor: Damage bonus to Electrocute, Thunderbolt and Raging Storm is now 5/10% if your target is under Hypothermia.
    * Tempest Armor: Now increases single target damage by 15% in addition to its previous effects.


    * The ability names on the level 60 Synergy Crystals have been renamed from Zardonis' Crystal to T'Scain's Crystal.
    * Fixed the incorrect Planar Attunement tooltips for which weapon mastery each planar type enhances.


    * Collateral Damage: Fixed a tooltip bug, Collateral Damage increases AoE ranged weapon attack damage by 4-12%, not 3-9%.


    * Boosted Recovery: Fixed a bug where this is triggered even while you are dead.


    * Adhesive Bomb: Now reduces movement speed by 30%, down from 70% - similar to other player snares.


    * Glacial Torrent: Now reduces movement speed by 30%, down from 50%, similar to other player snares. Also triggers immunity to further application of the snare effect from Glacial Torrent for 12 seconds.


    * Fixed the incorrect Planar Attunement tooltips for which weapon mastery each planar type enhances.


    * Bladefury: Fixed a bug where ranks 9 and 10 did too little damage.


    * Blessed Aegis: Now also increases Endurance by 5%.


    * Setting Moon: Damage buff reduced to 15%.
    * Strike Like Iron: Damage buff reduced to 5-15%.
    * Unleashed: Buff reduced to 3% per stack.
    * Flurry: Damage increased.


    * Tempered Constitution: Now increases Endurance by 2% per point.
    * Binding of Devouring Darkness: Now also increases Endurance by 5%.


    * Elemental Precision: Now only affects Elemental abilities.


    * Fixed a bug causing Light Refraction to become stuck on a character after a server crash.
    * Bioelectric Transfer has been removed, and replaced with Electricity Cascade, a Finisher DoT that also increases the damage the target takes from Lightning Torrent and Storm Torrent.
    * Quick Recharge: Now works on both Charged Pulse and Double Pulse.
    * Charged Pulse, Double Pulse: Cooldowns increased to 20 seconds.
    * Dual Pulse: Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds.
    * Stormbringer: Now also works on Electricity Cascade.
    * Wavelength: No longer enhances outgoing damage.
    * Enhanced Conductivity: Now only affects non-physical abilities.


    * Empowerment: Now increases Endurance by 2% per point.


    * Increased experience granted from completing level 50+ Warfronts.
    * Winning Random Warfronts after the 7 Weekly bonuses have been depleted will now grant bonus experience.
    * Lowered the level of NPCs in Port Scion for the 50-54 and 55-59 brackets.
    * Riftstalker: Planar Rejuvenation, Defer Death: Reduced effectiveness in PvP combat.
    * Warden: Tidal Surge: Reduced the bonus damage to 25% in PvP combat.
    * Warriors: Healing values on Life's Rapture, Touch of Life, Fusion of Flesh, and No Permission to Die have been halved in PvP.


    * Removed the level limit on the Dormant Core dimension.
    * Replaced the Leave Dimension icon in the alert tray - now a door with an arrow, not wine glasses.
    * The Dimension item Stalked Pustule is now resizable.


    * Corrected the training costs on all gathering profession recipes that had no cost to train.
    * Corrected pricing on Apothecary Planar scrolls. Fixed the ones that weren't granting recipes.
    * Excellent Dexterity Serum: Now granting the correct amount of Dexterity.
    * Updated the rates for acquiring Major Catalysts from Rifts, Invasions, and Footholds from level 55-60.
    * Fishing: Storm Legion fishing lures and recipe scrolls no longer have level limits, much like other fishing lures and recipes.
    * Fishing: Corrected text on Timed Magnetic Lure - previously it said it only worked in Mathosia, which was WRONG!
    * Fishing: Corrected text on Enduring Magnetic Lure. It lasts for 15 minutes, not 10.

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    ReActive shield change HOORAH!!

    Warrior nerfs are about to make people lose their ever loving fucking minds in 3......2.........1 ..check the forums. I called those Paragon nerfs back in BETA. THey are trying to prevent pigeonholing into Para with the Tempest nerfs.
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    Hopefully the Tempest nerfs arent too bad. I dont have very good gear, pretty much all greens and I dont feel overpowered by any means. It seems that SL content is tuned for people who had really good gear, I struggle quite a bit asince I pretty much power leveled my warrior in the Meridian IA a week before SL dropped. So Im wearing all quest reward greens.

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    Ouch. Why did they have to increase the CD on both charges to 20 seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goombatommy View Post
    Ouch. Why did they have to increase the CD on both charges to 20 seconds.
    Simple. Ranged warriors were becoming a viable option. Pretty simple concept. Trion does not want warriors to be a ranged class. The problem is this expansion is severely anti melee friendly and all our melee specs are shit.

    You mean to tell me you never noticed all of Special Olympics raid videos everyone was ranged? This is what shitty alpha testers more concerned with world first gets you. Either that or the devs are purposely blind to the reality of the boss encounters that they created.

    ^ btw called it

    Just noticed they caught a bug that allows warriors to do 77,000 damage on a dummy. Incoming another hotfix lol
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    LOL so they remove our heal and then disable the finisher that replaced it because it was doing too much damage. Now I remember why I shelved my Warrior a month after launch, the Warrior dev is a moron. I guess its time to start working on my Rogue or level up the Mage. Oh well, Tempest was fun while it lasted. Ill give it a go tonight, but with my shit gear Ill probably be going back to taking a minute to kill a single target of same level and drinking between every fight and dying if there is more than 1 mob on me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philefluxx View Post
    LOL so they remove our heal and then disable the finisher that replaced it because it was doing too much damage. Now I remember why I shelved my Warrior a month after launch, the Warrior dev is a moron. I guess its time to start working on my Rogue or level up the Mage. Oh well, Tempest was fun while it lasted. Ill give it a go tonight, but with my shit gear Ill probably be going back to taking a minute to kill a single target of same level and drinking between every fight and dying if there is more than 1 mob on me.
    Go mage. I got one to 50 because of what I saw in 1.11 and advocated for all warriors to have some kind of viable alternative because they patch notes and BETA showed warriors on a road to complete garbage and pigeon holed specs with few options for competitive dps.

    The SO raid video should have been the biggest hint that they were about to gut Tempest. Too bad they never actually tested the changes or would have noticed we now hit for 77k on a new ability Atrius came up with while being a arm chair dev working from home.

    My warrior is shelved at 53 1/2 until the class is fixed. Investing time is pointless and requiring a brand new rotation every hotfix is tedious at best.

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    Good morning Warriors,

    Just a heads up that we've had to disable the Tempest ability "Electricity Cascade" - due to the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US it's unlikely it will be re-enabled until next week's update.

    Thanks all,
    Wow that's pretty bad. Elrar said they are trying to get a fix out today, but to even hint that they are breaking Tempest for a whole holiday weekend is just bad. Why roll out the changes this big before a holiday? I was all for at least giving the changes a shot, but seems that we could be losing 2 abilities for an entire weekend.

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    You know you fucked up when the most loyal spec posters sound like me now. Can I take credit for sounding the alarm bells 4 weeks ago? This is a clear repeat of patch 1.0 to 1.1. The great warrior gut'n of March 2011!!

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    Rift Hotfix 3 has been announced folks:

    RIFT 2.0 Hotfix #3 - 8:00am PST 11/28/12 [NA] - 2:00am GMT 29/11/12 [EU]

    * Guild Questmaster dimension NPC can now be purchased at guild level 21 rather than 25. Now offers and allows turn-in of level 21 and up guild quests. Also the item is no longer Soulbound.
    * Fixed an issue causing Arachne and the unarmored Bear mounts to not run as fast as they should!
    * Fixed a bug with quests not updating that involved the use of an inventory item - such as the Fishing tutorial "use your new lure" type quests and others like them.
    * The surprise Celebration Bonus on Infinity Stones is no longer on.
    * Storm Legion achievements will now display properly in the guild log.
    * Trial players can now access Dimensions.
    * RIFT should now play nice for those of you with computers with super-duper-multi-core processor setups (like dual Xeons).


    * Bound Fate: No longer ends prematurely if the original target dies.
    * Obliterate: Effect tooltip now properly mentions Bound Fate.

    * Foul Growth: Rank 8 now removes properly when Loathsome Restoration triggers it.

    * Satyr Sweep: Now properly affected by Subtlety.

    * Pursuit of Truth: No longer ends when you die.
    * Radical Coalescence: Properly resets cooldown of Judicial Privilege.

    * Hammer of Faith: No longer ends prematurely if the original target dies.

    * Inflame: Now works!

    * Riftstalker Synergy Crystals now give bonuses to Endurance rather than Attack Power.

    * Merciful Appeal: Healing is now based on 2-6% of the caster's health, rather than 1-3% of the target's health.

    * Electricity Cascade: Can now only be applied to a target once per character. This ability should be getting re-enabled for Tempests.

    * Hunt Rift area absorb and area heal abilities are now targeted AoEs that can be avoided.

    * Return of the Fallen: Fixed a case where Invasions might not spawn during this Zone Event.

    * Accountability: Added some failsafes that should ensure this quest triggers properly.

    * Now's the Time, No Way Out, Chaos Unleashed: Fixed some issues for these quest but more fixes are coming asap! Now's the Time should be able to be completed at this point but followup quests are likely still impacted.
    * Added more resurrection points to the interior of the Tower of Dawn.
    * The End of Salvarola: Fixed Salvarola continuing to teleport on encounter reset.
    * Improved harvest node distribution in lower Kingsward.

    * Man of the House: Killing Archduke Dren Senviva while on this quest will now give credit toward the Fall of House Senviva achievement.
    * Man of the House: Only killing Dren Senviva will now increment this quest.
    * Circuit Shorting: Fixed an issue that could cause players to not receive quest credit.
    * Do as the Morbans Do: Updated quest to only use a single quest item throughout; should properly give credit for the final usage.
    * Twisting the Knife: The Engraved Dagger will no longer drop for players who are already on or already completed this quest.
    * Did a general pass on quests in Morban to make sure they're updating everyone in a group when incremented.
    * Fixed an issue within Senviva Mansion that would randomly bump players out of stealth.

    * Fixed collision issues with the Tuldio Retreat stairs.

    * The Hidden Revealed: Increased number of quest target spawns available.
    * Disable the Traps: Foothold Traps will again give quest credit when disabled or triggered.
    * Purging an Ancient Evil: Glarul will now respawn more quickly so there won't be such a long wait between fights.
    * IA: Corpsewalkers: Empowered Corpsewalkers will now show the correct tooltip text.
    * Zone Event: Strange Tidings: Fixed an issue that resulted in this event sometimes getting stuck in phase two. Increased the health of the Caretaker Engineers who must be defended.
    * The area between Thunder Hills and Ruinous Passage has been renamed to Dusken Corridor West and Dusken Corridor East.

    * Added a 2-hour timeout to the Fortress Defense zone event.
    * Cloudburst Instructions: Instructions will no longer drop for players who are already on or already completed this quest.
    * Releasing Flames: Fixed a scripting issue with this Daily so Storm Crystals can reset properly.
    * Great Hunt Rift: Jamurn: Lure can now be used in Steppes of Infinity.
    * Moved the Infinity Gate Onslaught questgiver out of the ground.
    * Did a general pass on quests in Steppes of Infinity to make sure they're updating everyone in a group when incremented.

    * Fixed standard Storm Legion dungeon mobs that were not dropping BoE recipes or Dimension items!

    * Light in the Darkness event: Light lasts longer, triggers slower, and enemies attack less frequently.
    * Ahzrius: Now immune to Transmogrify.

    * Expert: Slightly reduced damage of Metal Storm, Deep Freeze, and Winter's Fury.

    * Gelidra: Galvanic Stormbirds will now target only players with Arcbound Storm.
    * Gelidra: Gelidra now moves faster.
    * Gelidra: Lacerating Cascade's effective distance increased.
    * Crucia: Fixed a bug that could cause Assault Frames to become unkillable.

    * Addressed an issue where some bosses could become non-attackable upon an instance reset.
    * Tooltips for UV-315 and Manslaughter correctly list them as Constructs.
    * Expert: Removed Grapplebot's ability to make pets flee from their owner's control while he is alive.

    * Standard: All damage has been reduced slightly.

    * Psychophage Primakov: Addressed an issue that could occasionally cause Primakov's corpse to be unlootable.
    * Psychophage Primakov: Energy drain abilities can no longer affect Primakov.

    * Jultharin: Fixed an issue that could cause the walls around Jultharin to return after a successful kill.
    * General Typhiria: Storm Blast should not be hitting targets outside of its warning area.
    * The 'Possessed Cyril' intro will no longer play on an instance reset if Cyril has already been killed.

    * You should no longer be allowed behind the Necrotic Throne.
    * Bruzhail: Meathook is now cleansable.
    * Now with fewer "smiley face walls".

    * Karthan Ridge: Matches will now end early if team sizes get too low.
    * Runes acquired from the Karthan Ridge Quartermaster now display the correct name when applied to items.

    * Auction tags should be corrected for raw and refined crafting materials.
    * Apothecary: Apothecary Daily quests now reward proper full experience.
    * Apothecary: Fixed incorrect pricing on Apothecary-made Seals and Seal Recipe Scrolls.
    * Apothecary: Removed the Catalytic Dust requirement from Apothecary Weekly crafting quests.
    * Improved Chrysoprase yield from Rich Marlistone.
    * Frazzleweed nodes now sparkle like other harvestable plants.
    * Rare Brevanic Fish Lure now has 6 full charges.
    * Runecrafter Daily Quests have been adjusted by reducing the material costs required.
    * Runecrafter: Increased drop rate of non-Star Runecrafting materials when Runebreaking.
    * The skill levels at which Storm Legion daily crafting quests are offered have been adjusted - the first is available at 301 skill, the second at 340 (down from 325 and 350).
    * Fixed tooltips on Processed Cloth and Refined Cloth.
    * Adjusted drop rates for Cloth, Meat, Leather, and Foraging materials from mobs.
    * Slightly increased the skill-up rates for all harvesting - Butchering, Foraging, Mining.
    * Raid-tier Seal recipes no longer require the Raid-dropped materials to craft.
    * Reduced the faction boost granted from rare fish turn-ins in Storm Legion.

    * Corrected a number of 1-handed weapons that had 65 Hit instead of 25 Hit.
    * Fixed several items that were called helms but were actually gloves. No more hatmittens!
    * Empyreal Slayer's Sash: Changed Physical Crit to Spell Crit.
    * Fixed Hit values on several Artificer crafted Rings.
    * Spice Infused Cloak: Removed Hit.
    * Empyreal Hero's Spellblade: Removed erroneous upgrade path.
    * Feast of Vengeance no longer cancels on resurrection.
    * Cloudbourne Ice Ring can no longer be Runebroken or Salvaged.


    Some necessary fixes in my estimation.
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    Warriors going bat shit on the forums in 5....4....3.....2........1

    What has been made by QQ can be unmade by QQ!!!

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    * Electricity Cascade: Can now only be applied to a target once per character. This ability should be getting re-enabled for Tempests.
    Words. I have none.

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    Just, feelings.

    There is so much that I am frustrated and angry about w/r/t Warriors. A large part of why I am not enjoying SL endgame as much as I hoped is because I am being outclasses [literally] by classes that should even be allowed in the game.

    Forgive me for being a "hater", but I am pissed the fuck off by the direction of Warrior development in SL.

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    Still no fix for Ashora daily quests. =/
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