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    Let's talk internet connections, yeah? Connection help

    To sum it up: I might be moving, and it might be a rural area.
    Said rural area doesn't get much for internet, as in, well, it's a rural area.
    There's two providers I can get for internet connection, one provider is absolutely out of the question.
    The second provider? It's a "wireless internet provider" for a southern area of my state for rural areas.
    The package I'd get while in said rural area is up-to 2 MB download, and just shy of 1 MB upload.

    I understand what I'm giving you is some-what vague; I'd rather not give the provider name unless absolutely need-be.
    What is the likelihood that this internet is reliable for internet gaming, especially if it advertises itself as a wireless internet provider?
    To note: I don't download movies or anything. I may download a game or update a game, which is rare, but I don't do much other than that.
    I would be sharing the line with one other person who connects to a VPN on the west coast, two time zones away as we live in a central time zone.

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    The bandwidth you mention is fine for gaming, what matters is the latency and that's not so strong in wireless connections.

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    I'm using the wireless 8MB broadband package from Ripple, and it's perfectly fine for gaming... considering I live in the countryside. It's one of those "Line of Sight" ones, attached to the top of my house... getting 30ms latency with up to 700kb/s download speeds.

    Edit - Just noting that "Faster than 58% of IE"... how sad a state Ireland is in when it comes to broadband... Eircom screwed us over! :|
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    AFAIK, Latency is caused by your network card waiting for packets to be sent (use the TCPack registry change), your router being slow about transmitting and receiving data packets (new router, or new router firmware) and your physical distance to the server and the route your data takes on its way to the server that you want to connect to.

    WoW actually uses a very small amount of bandwidth; you could play it on a 1Mbps connection.
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    At least make sure it's wireless 'n' which has far better performance than 'g'.

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