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    How do you use Grimoire of Service in a Macro?


    I'd like to macro a castsequence of Dark Soul -> Grimoire of Service (Grimoire: Felguard), but it doesn't work.

    When you shift click the spell in your spellbook, Grimoire: Felguard in the macro, it puts "Grimoire: Felguard", but then when you use the macro it doesn't work.

    Does anyone know a workaround or how to fix this?


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    I'm 90% sure i use Grimoire: Felguard just make sure you're always targeting an enemy that's attackable when you cast the macro, on a side note glyphed wild imps macroed into the same castsequence never ever ever ever seems to work right unless i spam it 1500 times.

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    Hmm, I'll have to make sure I'm targeting an enemy.

    edit: Still doesn't work. It doesn't seem to recognize the spell, as the ? macro icon remains as a ? rather than changing to the Felguard icon.
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    I had the same issue with Incarnation: Tree of Life on my druid. Try just using Grimoire in the macro instead of Grimoire: Felguard. It fixed it for me for Broccoli form

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    The problem with that is that Incarnation will always turn you into a tree if you are resto; the Warlock Grimoire gives you a choice of 5 different pets, so just putting Grimoire wouldn't seem to work.

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    /cast Grimoire: Felguard works fine for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zinnin View Post
    /cast Grimoire: Felguard works fine for me.
    Odd; it works now. Could swear I've used that exact command several times.

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    irreproducible results gremlins?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grubjuice View Post
    irreproducible results gremlins?
    They're the worst kind.
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