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    The Current state of Ret pallies.

    So with all the latest changes going on, I'm finding myself really getting slapped around in pvp. And struggling to compete in damage and staying alive.

    locks have a better bubble and survival than us, dps druids and shadow priests can still heal better than us, and warriors/dks have and always will be better melee dps than us it seems.

    Is it just me? I'm fairly decent geared with 51% pvp power and 60% resil, but I really feel inadequate and its impossible to get RBG groups. No one wants ret pallies , I've already started farming my holy set...sigh.

    Anyone else feeling this? What do you think needs to be done to bring us up to par with the other big kids in the playground?

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    It's pretty bad right now. Bad enough to make me think about quitting this game until they fix it. MoP by far is the worst balanced expansion ever. Going Holy though is pretty much what Blizzard wants right now. Why else would they leave Ret is such a bad state in PvP?

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    You guys haven't quit (pvp) or re-rolled yet? Wow...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palatinus View Post
    You guys haven't quit (pvp) or re-rolled yet? Wow...
    I would but I go emo the moment I think about doing MoP questing again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palatinus View Post
    You guys haven't quit (pvp) or re-rolled yet? Wow...
    The amount of time it took to gear my Ret Pally would be insane to do it over again on another toon. The only thing keeping me in the game is that I raid as Ret. If that stops I'll quit until they decide to fix it. Lots of new games coming out, so won't have the time for WOW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palatinus View Post
    You guys haven't quit (pvp) or re-rolled yet? Wow...
    some of us are not FoTM scum.
    " I need a sec, my wrists hurt from spamming slam so hard. Playing cleave vs cleave is tough stuff guys"

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    Ret being good or viable for any serious PvP? Lol. That's funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kosechi View Post
    some of us are not FoTM scum.
    There is the FoTM 'game' and there's this mess blizzard are calling PvP atm. Even if ret was FoTM, PvP has so many problems that it just isn't fun anymore. Even compensating rets healing / cc / sustained damage wouldn't be enough at this point. So much re-design and re-thinking needs to be done for PvP, and clearly from GC's twitter they just don't want to invest that much time into it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    Yes. It's a good list (though too many changes)
    Too many changes for what? To take a step into the right direction of PvP balance? It's pretty clear that the changes in 5.1 were far too late and far too few.

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    That thread lost all credibility when it called for a blinding light nerf.

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    I've recently given up playing arena. While i admit i'm not that great of a player, its very difficult to compete with other classes (both damage and self healing (so survibility). Without cds i feel like i just tickle people until they burst me down. I was also a bit disappointed that even with better PvP (almost full conquest now, as i started a little late') i never really felt more powerful than i was before.

    I think the funniest thing of the situation is, at least with the healing nerf, is it was never actually Ret paladins with the omg amazing offhealing, that was specs like shadow priests ect. Survibility has now taken a huge hit.

    Might as well just play Warrior or DK really, both preform far better overall.
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    While I agree that ret is a (very) mediocre spec atm, it really isn't as bad as you guys make it. Regarding op's concerns, you have 51% pvp power and you feel that you get owned by other specs? Right, try gemming resil, helped me out a lot. I have ~64% resil, and 45% pvp power and I do not suffer from most of the problems that people are complaining about here.

    I agree that the healing nerf was completely unwarranted for Ret pallies, but I do not have issues with throwing an off-heal to my partner making him survive for a while longer, while it is annoying having to spend 3 holy power on throwing a wog at a mate, you can always glyph for the 9% damage bonus from the heal. Regarding the fact that nobody wants us in RBG's that is somewhat true, there are preferences, but it is not impossible to join a RBG, not at all. And most of the time I end up being 1st or 2nd on the dmg at the end of the RBG, (~1700cr)

    I completely agree that our damage without cooldowns is ridiculously low, 100%.

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