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    1. Karazhan
    2. SSC
    3. Sunwell

    Hated BC anyway.

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    1. ToC
    2. Malygos
    4. SSC

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    4 Winds
    Dragon Soul

    Mention for Ruby Sanctum though

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    The new ones are really lackluster to me, DS was bad and they seem to be following suit

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    Quote Originally Posted by skitz0129 View Post
    Sunwell isfaceroll at 90. I run through it alone like it's absolutely nothing. The bosses die in like 15 seconds and they tickle me.
    Armory link?
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    Dragon Soul
    Obsidian Sanctum
    AQ 20

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    Ulduar - This was the one that actually inspired my several month long break during WLK. Long and boring, most annoying trash up until Dragon Soul, and like 3 interesting boss fights in the entire place.
    ToC - Seriously thought my guildies were joking with me when they said that was a raid after my I came back from a break. Only took us like 30 mins start to finish if that.
    Tie between AQ20 and Dragon Soul. Both felt thrown together and unfinished.

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    From the very worst, to bad, to the lesser bad? :x

    1. RS
    2. BWD
    3. TotFW

    I (for one it seems) loved ToC! NO TRASH was awesome, insanity runs were actually a challenge, and a chance of a mount at the end made it all the more appealing. RS was pointless as the loot was garbage and Cata was inc, BWD was bland (besides Atrimedes), and TotFW was a let-down. Buggy air mechanics, useless loot, and I was hoping the end boss would be the air elemental encountered in the Thunderfury quest chain... early Cata was terrible for me because of no Legendary to work for through raiding.

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    1. Dragon Soul
    2. Firelands

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    naxx 25/10
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhodi View Post
    1. Naxx25, rehashed and probably the most poorly balanced content released. Any raid you can steamroll in the previous expansions tier gear deserves contempt.
    By that logic all the entry level WLK content deserves contempt - Also Illidan, and normal mode Yogg-25 ... Both of those were killed shortly after release on the Chinese WoW servers by a guild in mostly gear from the last expansion.

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    Well that easy.

    100. ToC
    102. TotFW

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    Wonder when anyone will present a reason to voting DS other than the length of it
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    1. Dragon Soul. Boring environment, and a thorough waste of a final villain. The entire thing really felt slapped together.
    2. Magtheridon's lair/Gruul's lair. I dislike small, minimal raids, especially when they're in such lackluster settings
    3. Ruby Sanctum. Nothing more than filler, even if Halion was an interesting encounter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    Wonder when anyone will present a reason to voting DS other than the length of it
    ICC lasted a full year and it isn't mentioned here as much as DS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    Wonder when anyone will present a reason to voting DS other than the length of it
    The trash was really annoying in parts and very bland in others. I enjoyed the bosses, or most of the bosses at least. I think most people dislike DS so much because they had to deal with it for so long and also because it's the raid that got experienced the most being the first LFR raid and all. Also Deathwing's demise was almost impossibly stupid.

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    Dragon Soul
    Naxx 2.0
    Ruby Sanctum

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    excluding single boss raids

    Nax 2.0

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