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    Quote Originally Posted by Willias View Post
    However, the Faction Champions fight was so annoying to deal with that I think that fight alone messed up a lot of our attempts to complete the raid. That fight ruined the raid dungeon.
    Trick was to treat it as a PvP fight. Didn't wear PvP gear, but healed it just like a BG, and they went down with a heck of a lot of dispels!
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    1. ToC
    2. DS
    3. MsV
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    Dragon Soul
    Mogu'shan Vaults

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    Terrace, HoF and DS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phyx View Post
    ICC lasted a full year and it isn't mentioned here as much as DS.
    That is true. My own assumption is that is because we killed Arthas. A boss from Warcraft 3 TFT

    The trash was really annoying in parts and very bland in others. I enjoyed the bosses, or most of the bosses at least. I think most people dislike DS so much because they had to deal with it for so long and also because it's the raid that got experienced the most being the first LFR raid and all. Also Deathwing's demise was almost impossibly stupid.
    Yes. DS "sucked" because is lasted too long, but no matter what people say, objectively DS was a good raid. Sounds amazing huh? Well when it comes to difficulty Spine and DS required over a thousand tries. More than can be said about the stuff we called pro content in vanilla, BC and LK. But at that time raiding was based on other thing than skill, so it doesn't really matter
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    1] Trial of the Crusader
    2] Ruby Sanctum
    3] Naxxramas 2.0

    Just as a clarification, the original Naxxramas is in my top 3 favorite raids.
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    TOC and anything since Ruby Sanctum

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    1. Dragon Soul
    2. Ruby Sanctum
    3. The Battle for Mount Hyjal (the Archimonde fight just didn't do it for me)

    I don't understand the ToC hate. It wasn't a great tier, but I thought the health mechanic for Anub was awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    1. Dragon Soul
    2. Firelands
    3. ToC
    Just about the perfect list. I'd probably swap ToC to number 1, but the order really doesn't matter, terrible is terrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draigars View Post
    1) Hyjal
    2) Hyjal
    3) Hyjal
    Hyjal was amazing! it was hectic and you actually got to fight beside Thrall and shit. the NPC's were actually helpful also.

    I loved Hyjal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vektorix View Post
    2. Icecrown Citadel. Only a marginal step up from ToC, in no way did ICC seem like a true headquarters of evil. Badly designed story (hey guys - we have a gunship that can fly us up the outside of the fortress - why don't we go all the way to the roof and take out the Lich King now?), badly designed encounters, just bad.
    Sindragosa might have had a slight problem with that plan. The ship would of got torn to bits on the way up. I personally thought ICC was really well designed. Especially at the end when you realize it was all just set up to be a test for you.

    My least favorites:
    DS - For so much potential wasted.
    Throne of Four Winds - Don't have a specific reason, that place just did not sit well with me. They are interesting and unique encounters, I just hate them.
    Remade Naxx - I get why they wanted to reuse the place since no one saw it, but still they should of just went with something new for the big opening raid of wrath. Let Naxx be what it was when it was.
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    1.- DS
    2.- TofTW
    3.-Eye of Eternity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumineus View Post
    ToC came out six months after Ulduar, which is twice as long as a non-end tier usually lasts. It was preceded by a raidless patch that added the poorly implemented and utterly useless in-game voice chat.
    In-game Voice Chat was added in patch 2.2, back in BC. It was pretty useless, but it was added about two years before ToC came out.

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    1. ToC
    2. TotFW
    3. Ruby Sanctum

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    1. ToC (is really a no-brainer)
    2. AQ40 (screw that place, only thing worth was the C'Thun fight)
    3. BWL

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    Am i the only one who didn't mind TOC that much...
    Wow <3 Korra<3 Giants<3

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    Throne of the Four Winds

    Eye of Eternity

    Ruby Sanctum

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    Not includinging any MoP raids, since I haven't done them. There were a lot of raids that had elements I didn't like, but the three worst raids for me were:

    Trial of the Crusader
    Some of the fights were fun, but... the setting was boring and the lore was idiotic. As a follow-up to Ulduar, it was greatly lacking.

    Baradin Hold
    An uninspired, ugly copy of VoA full of dull bosses, located in an uninspired, ugly version of Wintergrasp, which you accessed by winning a PvP version of musical chairs.

    And hands down champion for the worst raid in my experience: Dragon Soul.

    It was pathetic for the final raid of an expansion. I found its ubiquituous "just fly/portal you there" tendency, with intervening locations non-existent, to be annoying. Except for Deathwing, the settings were all recycled, with virtually nothing to connect them together. Zon'ozz and Yor'sahj trash was repetitive, boring, and completely unthreatening. The boss fights were unimaginative and recycled. As for Deathwing, the big-bad of the whole damn expansion? You spend most of your 'fight' against him battling either trash or, even worse, immobile hunks of scenery. And then you did it again. And again. And again. And again. My greatest challenge in Dragon Soul, even on the few heroic bosses I could force myself to do, was literally staying awake. A wretched, miserable, steaming excuse for a raid.

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