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    1. BWL
    2. BWL
    3. BWL

    that raid is still annoying at 90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badhairday View Post
    I actually think it's awesome that Blizzard had the backbone to recycle an entire raid, and I'm happy that they did it. How many people actually killed a boss in naxx during vanilla? Was it 1%, or was that sunwell? Either way, it was extremely low, and seeing how many fun fights and how long the raid was, I think they made a great call.
    I like Naxx 25. My first fond memory of raiding was there.

    Also, people complain that it was too easy... But how many got their Immortal title? That was the Hard Mode.

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    Ruby Sanctum

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    Dragon Soul

    Obsidium Sanctum

    Trial of the Crusader

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    1. Throne of the four winds.
    2. Naxxramas (level 80).
    3. Dragon Soul.
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    Dragon Soul
    Heart of Fear
    Terrace of Endless Springs

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    1) Dragon Soul. Maybe if it had been an intro raid, but to have this as the final tier was pathetic.
    2) Naxxaramas Rehashed. Not having 40 people in the raid made the raids feel extremely Scooby-Doo like.
    3) Firelands. Great concept, probably the hardest raid in Cata, but poorly executed.

    Too all you haters saying MC or BWL, I have no idea how those were the "worst" given they set the standard for every other raid (and BWL moved the bar quite high).

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    Cmon people, put some effort and tell us why you don't like those raids. No one isn't interested in lists of names.

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    1 - Dragon Soul. I liked the concept of the raid instance a lot, but having tons of boring trash kills off a raid instance when you raid it forever. Also DW fights weren´t intimidating in any way, nor were they epic in any way.
    2- Mogushan Vaults. Holy crap that place is boring. The interior is awesome looking, but most of the bosses are just not my cup of tea.
    3- Ruby Sanctum. Again the trash mobs killed the fun to the raid imo. The minibosses themselves were cool, but too much time consuming trash.

    I don´t see the problem with ToC. Allright the scenery was a bit meh but we got to fight "like" gladiators and I loved that. Also, no trash ! yay

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    1) ToC
    2) AQ 20
    3) Ruby Sanctum

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    1.) ICC. Raid locks, Yawn. Farming for a year? double yawn!
    2.) DS. Too much trash. Kill trash for an hour, then poke the boss over in 10 minutes. Was too easy and too boring.
    3.) ToC. Just meh. it sucked. Was rushed pushed raid. wasn't worthy of even being called a raid.
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    I think my least favorites will be:

    Ulduar (Just didn't like the theme:/)
    Dragon Soul (Need I say?)
    Naxx 2.0 (Only cause it's a revamped raid and I used to raid it back in vanilla, so just wasn't new for me)

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    1) ToC
    2) DS
    3) Naxx 2.0

    Naxx 2.0 was simply an insult, could've been awesome but compared to the lvl 60 version this was just.... Meh...

    Way too easy.
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    1) Anyone remember UBRS farming? all know Leeroy, but all forget trash mobs there Most boring vanila 10 man raid, cos you can reset that (anytime or 1 time per day - dont remember) and do, do , do again.
    2) SSC - too hard for alot ppl from vanila, who not raided alot in vanila. You find guild, you gear up in Karazhan for that with ~same ppl, you have fun, Grull and Magteridon goes good and then you meet them there and you feel so bad there, alot wipes, feeling that your gear is shit or someone from raid must be kicked cos allways die... Its like a wall. Alot guild disbanded cos progress there was not so fast...
    3) Sunwell - only for top guilds in big servers, rest farm ZA, do arenas and hate that they cant enter there and cant do nothing there... So boring time before Wotlk. Even if you join at that time guild who not cleared BT, you still have feeling like "damn this will take ages until we gear up for that".

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    Dragon Soul (boring, really pathetic effort considering it was the last big raid of the Xpack), Ruby Sanctum(nice little ad in right before cata, but good christ, the whole raid felt like the Olympics of pug killing), Revamped Naxx (no where near as hard as it should have been, and the first tier raid should not have just been a blatant rehash, even if most people didn't do it when it was content.

    I actually liked ToC. The bosses were great, and Heroic Anub 25 was one of the hardest fights of the expansion. The champions fight was an awesome concept and worked out really well. The only real problem it had was that it was to small. Had it been released with another raid with 4-5 bosses in the same tier, it would be remembered much better today.

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    I can't figure why everybody is ranking DS. It was not a perfect raid but except for the "we don't design any new zone and just revamp old ones", I think the boss were quite entertaining. Too bad we spent 6 months on them and get sick of it.

    1) Hyjal. I don't like The black morass, I don't like The violet hold, and definitely I don't like Hyjal. Caverns of Time was a great idea and there's really good things to do with it. But no more wave mechanics. Please.

    2) Ulduar. Well, it actually is one of my favorite raid in the whole game. But still, I can't stand the whole Leviathan event. The fight against the Leviathan might be fun, but the whole event before is too long and boring like hell. I'm never happy to go to Ulduar with a clean id, as long as this event is not done I can't really enjoy the raid.

    3) Malygos. I think I have a problem with vehicles mechanics too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gothicshark View Post
    1. BWL
    2. BWL
    3. BWL

    that raid is still annoying at 90.
    Sorry, isn't that a reason to like it? I love any old 60 content that can mess people up many levels later.

    I was incredibly disappointed when they removed the chance to make the Onyxia scale cloak, thereby removing Nefarian's Shadow Flame tick. Even if that was back now, you'd have retarded high health pools. Extremely disappointing.

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    1. Onyxia: Level 80 (Rehashed; 0/5 stars)
    2. Dragon Soul (Felt like a used car; 1/5 stars)
    3. Firelands (Boring except for Ragnaros and a MC rehash in disguise; 2/5 stars)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phasma View Post
    1. Onyxia: Level 80 (Rehashed; 0/5 stars)
    2. Dragon Soul (Felt like a used car; 1/5 stars)
    3. Firelands (Boring except for Ragnaros and a MC rehash in disguise; 2/5 stars)
    But the lvl 80 version of Onyxia was only implemented as part of celebrating WoW's 5th anniversary. They just made one of the most iconic bosses available at the current level for the fun of it. What's not to love?! :c
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    1. Dragon Soul, never have I felt such boredom in a raid...
    2. Ruby Sanctum
    3. Gruuls Lair

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