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    Played rift on launch - What class is doing well now?

    Which class is doing the most DPS at level 60 atm? I've been looking up some videos on youtube (kind of hard to find commentary videos of this game) and the only video I watched was a marksman rogue and all he did was use 2 macros and did 8500 dps. Is that a good amount of damage?

    Do all DPS classes use a set of macros like this?

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    there are so many specs its hard not to find a viable one for your calling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dezzick View Post
    Is that a good amount of damage?
    Depends on what he was doing, fully buffed doing a fairly static tank and spank boss in a raid rift I do 11-12k

    Quote Originally Posted by dezzick View Post
    Do all DPS classes use a set of macros like this?
    You can for some specs but for maximum performance it's not advisable.
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    I heard that warrior is in a bad place. Why is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dezzick View Post
    I heard that warrior is in a bad place. Why is that?

    They are WIP atm. I'd image there is a focus on fixing them some warrior changes coming in the next patch.
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    Play what you enjoy, not what is perceived as "best." "Best" will change from tier to tier, patch to patch, expansion to expansion change again and again and again. Really, unless you are in a bleeding edge progression guild, clearing the content as soon as it comes out, you can play as whatever you want and do very well. Players top DPS charts, not classes.
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    Cleric has the most flexibility in playstyle - my main is a cleric, tho I have a mage and a warrior above 50, and a rogue in progress.

    Cleric has great solo survivability. It's changed patch-to-patch, but the Justicar soul (a tank that generates AoE threat through AoE heals) synergizes well with something to provide this, not matter way. Additionally, you've got 3 types of healing souls (AoE HoTs with Warden, preventative absorbs with Purifier, and more single target focus with Sentinel), a solid tank soul, as well as range and melee DPS options. Also the option for pets.

    All other classes have one thing they officially "can't" do - Mages can't tank, Warriors can't heal, and Rogues can't main heal.

    Hope this helps!

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