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    a little late :P

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    WE did it Friday, it was a set order, looks like the change went in sometime Friday.

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    i thought it was fixed as well because we wiped once this week on heroic cuz of a dc and got sub second both times... but my friends guild on another server had random order :<

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    Atleast my guild got it "prenerf"

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    Quote Originally Posted by CausalXXLinkXx View Post
    Atleast my guild got it "prenerf"
    In the same order people got it post "nerf".

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    Quote Originally Posted by CausalXXLinkXx View Post
    Atleast my guild got it "prenerf"
    If you consider anything prenerf - It was killing him Qiang - Meng - Zian - Subetai.
    Can say yes to that, and it was retarded.

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    Bout time. What sense does it make when everyone is resetting to get the easiest order anyhow.

    Just like Vizior, no one is going to take the more difficult route :P

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    Thank fucking god. You have no idea how incredibly frustrating it was having to reset if you didn't get Subetai 2nd, you'd get 1, maybe 2 actual tries out of 10 at this boss, it should've been this way since day 1.

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    Thanks to this hotfix we downed him tonight.

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    We had like 2-3 tries with this combo out of 70 before this hotfix (never reset it). 3 shot it tonight.
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    Well, if the skills were actually balanced, he would have a good reason for being proud. Except at some point someone failed to properly balance Maddening Shout to, say, Pillage. Or, well, any ability other than Flanking Orders and just how easily Meng can mess you up.
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    Grouping up for Maddening Shout is by far the easiest way to handle it, the problem is that if you get Zian before Meng and he unleashes a skull in the group, it's pretty damn hard to recover from that kind of damage. We had a policy to kill it Qiang-Sub-then anything else, but doing anything but Sub second was deemed a waste of time.

    Especially when monks can just provoke and transcendence thru the wall.

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    Well, since most groups that are progressing on that boss are resetting them if Subetai is not second, this is not really a nerf but just a hotfix as stated by the OP. Thanks Blizzard for saving us the time to reset the boss every second try. So not we will have enough time to try wil hc

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaPe View Post
    In the same order people got it post "nerf".
    you weren't there man.... resetting that boss is what separated the boys from the men from the gods who didn't even bother resetting.

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    R.I.P Heroic Reset Kings. Now you're just Heroic Fixed-Order Kings

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    Heroic: It was a random order, but always qiang first. Could be any order after that. Now it's set to qiang, subetai, zian, meng. Which is the easiest order by far, which is nice. It's annoying that even after killing it multiple times on farm, you still gotta reset/wipe to it multiple times on farm because of a wrong order. A welcome change.
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    Good Change, stops people being forced to reset the boss pretty much.

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    Its fixed.. + the bug always go right now!!!

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