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    First of all. I dont RP at all.

    I dont take so much consideration in to the gender. My main during my WoW time was a female night elf druid. My melee chars tends to be male while my casters rather often is female, especially healers. I never assume peoples gender based on their characters gender. When it comes to pixels is no more different than hair color or skin pigment. It shouldnt matter what gender, skin color, hair length your character have. Just how you play it.

    IF a would play on a RP server, I might put some more thoughts into my character, as that is what you suppose to do, and you should be able to relate to that char, and then it would be difficult for me to play a female character, but if someone choose to play their opposite gender, it is totally up to them.
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    100% of my characters I play/ued to play (when I played WoW) were females. I played female characters because, A) I could. And B) I got bored of playing male characters 24/7. Nothing wrong with it at all. If some retard tried to flirt/hit on me, I just laughed and said I was a guy. Needless to say, it didn't take long to nab a few haters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
    A girl I play with said he is not going to get hit on by guys just because he's a female toon, and that I was being ridiculous.
    That is what I think.

    Do you seriously always pick a male character just because you're male in real life? And even more bizarre, assume every female character in the game is being played by a girl?

    I have heaps of toons, but the majority of the ones I play regularly are female. Nobody has ever assumed I was female or flirted with me. Maybe I'm just ugly
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    I play a female Goblin because Brooklyn is better than Jersey.

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    i m a female worgen whats up with that?

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    Half my characters are female . My first and second characters were female night elf and human . So what's the problem again ?
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    Clearly, he subconsciously is in love with you and is trying to express this without realizing it by choosing a fantasy form that would allow you two to indulge in the most carnal fantasies possible.

    I believe the best possible solution is to just be frank with him. Grab him by the shoulders, look him deep in the eyes, and say: "Man, someone on some gaming forums said you rolled a female belf because you're in love with me on a deep subconscious level. And I'm OK with that. Just be honest with me."

    Come back and let us know how it goes!

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    most of the males have crappier models and animations.

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    most of the males have crappier models and animations.
    This is why I've mostly rolled female characters myself. The animation on some of the male characters look horrendous. A good example is Nightelf Male vs Nightelf Female. If I was to look at a Male NE Priest casting all night I'd honestly be distracted by the looks of their casting.

    As for your friend, he's free to roll whatever character gender he would wish. Ingame, on roleplaying servers or standard servers alike, he's extremely unlikely to be hit on because he's playing a female character. It does happen in rare-rare-rare situations, but are more abnormal than norm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asharia View Post
    most of the males have crappier models and animations.
    That is also true for real life males and females

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    Why would a man play a female character?

    1) As a male, you are more attracted to a female aesthetic. Stand in line anywhere, and the big hulking guy in front of you will likely not gather much attention, but the cute girl? You likely, even if you don't realize it, will check her out and get a bit of pleasure from gazing on her. Many guys get more subconscious enjoyment out of constantly looking at a female form. It's nothing about being a "perv", it's hard wired into you as long as you are heterosexual.

    2) Most players don't see the character itself as an extension of themselves, but instead another person they simply control. I don't see my Draenei Paladin as "me", but instead a secondary character with hope, dreams, and loot that I helped her establish. If you don't understand the mindset, then imagine what a writer would do when they decide to write a story starring the opposite gender. J.K. Rowling didn't see herself as a "Female Harry Potter", she wrote him to be his own individual and treated him as such. This is even assuming they do story building and role-play.

    Those are the big reasons, at least for me, that I play many female characters. Fun fact: Chris Metzen took the character Garona Halforcen directly from his old DnD campaigns he played while he was young, she was his character.

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    Some people probably do play females if they are a little off, though I doubt it.
    For the more manlier classes I'm always a male, but I did have a female human priest before... just didn't seem right to make a male priest ya know with the "healing touch" and all... lol
    Anyways just my input on it. Really It's just matter of personalization. Me I don't think a female should be a warrior or paladin hunter rouge... more of the macho classes. But usually casters I could see a female.

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    The male models on most races are either dopey looking as hell or goofy as hell. Everytime I see a male NE dancing, I wanna splash him with gasoline and set him on fire. Male worgens have such a high center of gravity, they should fear falling over for not being able to get back up. Almost every male model in this game is completely outshone by their female counterparts in regards to how they look, how armor looks on them, etc-etc. I play eight toons. Of them half are female purely for the models since the male models were hideous or hilarious in appearance.
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    this topic reminded me of this hot stuff picture i stumbled upon yesterday, enjoy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
    A girl I play with said he is not going to get hit on by guys just because he's a female toon, and that I was being ridiculous.

    By now, its known that males will play females, females will play males, and experienced female players won't tell you their gender openly (due to some players' negative responses, including other female players). If you think his statement was perplexing, wait until you see some of the statements guys make on trade channel. In my experience, the comment about staring at their character's butt has been a common excuse for a new male player to pick a female toon.

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    I can relate to this. My main was a male gnome for a long time... Then I decided I wanted to be a panda (for the food buff) and I chose the female model. I did it because the male casting animation was not great imo. And I have yet to have been hit on while on that toon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxHeart View Post
    I think we shouldn't make flame-bait threads when we are bored.
    And this guy understands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxJr View Post
    if you have the choice to be a man or a woman and you choose a woman then theres something wrong with you, so if you are a dude what is the reasoning behind you wanting to be represented by a chick in a game? are you gay, do you want to be treated better or idk you tell me whats the reason?
    You sound so deep in the closet you're finding Narnia.

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    There's a lot of projection on your statements. I'm not saying that you are gay, but there are insecurities that are being projected on others far more innocent choices.

    On anotehr point, there's a lot of people that invest in their toons as projections of themselves, and there's alot of people that see their toons as characters with their own stories. I think this just has to do with your interests.

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    My avatar is a Mew. I think mew is a cute pokemon. I am a guy, and am straight. I play female toons because:

    A) Their cast animations are generally better
    B) I like their look more times than not

    It just is better on my eyes. I like cute things, not badass things. We all have preferences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
    Hmm, I didn't think anything was dramatic there, I think you're projecting.

    Your opinion is pretty much the same as mine.
    It's a Role-playing game, and the idea is to pick a role you want to play.
    Not a role you want to look at for the pixelated ass, lol

    I also think people are going to assume at first that a female character with a female name is a female IRL.
    I've never thought so and dont get the reason why it have to be like that. I mean, we all played a lara croft game and we dont are all female. Its your own decision if you want a hero or a heroine o0

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