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    Another Necromancer's Minion get's a new look

    After our "tanking" pet, the Skeletal Knight, got his new 'skin', on the PTS our DPS minion, the Skeletal Zealot got the plastic surgery

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    Even more reason to be a MAGE!!!

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    i hardly play my mage but now i'm gonna have to now!

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    That is so awesome. I know it's not the best spec atm for mages but I love playing Necro and this is going to be even more excited to get back at it.

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    I think you probably should of taken the picture in seratos, has a much more appropriate themed background in comparison to the christmas thing that's going on in sanctum hehe, I'm not to sure whether I personally prefer this one or the old one...
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    Now if only they could do the same makeover to the elemental pets so they don't look like something a 3 year old drew.
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    like the style the pants and shoulders look a bit like make but its fine perhaps other weapons would be nice^^

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    All the new pets are looking awesome, props to the artists over at Trion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alyssa View Post
    Now if only they could do the same makeover to the elemental pets so they don't look like something a 3 year old drew.
    Completely agree with this. Even though I haven't touched Rift since May (stupid crappy computer), I am liking the mage pet updates. Though I am not too sure how I feel about this one. Kinda prefer the original. Would definitely like to see updated elementalist pets.

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    Out of curiosity (I haven't resubbed yet) what does the tank pet look like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wraend View Post
    what does the tank pet look like?
    This bad boy will Tank anything for you, has even done some Expert bosses for a while until Tank came back online

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