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    Hey guys,

    I have had this game for quite some time however never played it very long at a time however recently I found my self playing more and more. I was wondering if you guys can give me some tips as to what is the best way to lvl my crafting professions.

    I have a lvl 80 warrior and the professions I picked up are armor smith and weapon smith and they are still at fairly low lvl. I was wondering first of all is that my best choice for a warrior? Also for mat farming should I use my lvl 24 guardian just so I can get some xp and stuff or will it be faster to farm with my lvl 80. Also is there any tips and guides you can direct my to regarding crafting.

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    even shows pricing.
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    it's easier to make gold on a lv80 running dungeons or doing silverwastes, then buying the mats off the TP than farming them yourself. Just from doing AC path 1/2/3, SE 1/3, TA up/fw and CoF 1, you should be getting a lot of gold to finance the leveling of your professions. The only advantage of leveling professions is getting them to 500 to make ascended gear and 400 for legendarie's gifts.

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    Thx for the reply guys! I guess I rather run dungeons and buy the mats. AC has more of a tanking set if I am not mistaken with them tokens for when I get my guardian to lvl 80.

    holy crap looking at the website the amount of gold needed to lvl crafting is astronomical!!! at least for me at this point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by niki View Post
    Thx for the reply guys! I guess I rather run dungeons and buy the mats. AC has more of a tanking set if I am not mistaken with them tokens for when I get my guardian to lvl 80.

    holy crap looking at the website the amount of gold needed to lvl crafting is astronomical!!! at least for me at this point.
    Just be careful with that site, it's more of a powerleveling site and he skips a lot of the things that you can level very cheaply. For instance, Bloodstone Bricks can be crafted starting at lvl 450 and you are going to need them anyway if you are making ascended items, also he does not include the backpiece items for each crafting profession which is basically free levels and skins. I think it's the way he's focusing on crafting the cheapest end product, so he's not looking at the most profitable product or the other items you can make along the way. I recently did armorsmithing on a character and was able to make ingots at basically breakeven long long after he recommended, his site would have you only make enough ingots to make the final product.

    Another thing to do is make sure to use a crafting booster which will level your craft faster (so less mats), also do it later in the week - preferably late thursday or friday before reset to get the crafting bonus from wvw - and make sure your guild's 10% crafting bonus is up also.
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    In general I've found crafting not really that worth it, you don't get much in the end unless you're going for Ascended gear which is extremely expensive (just finished my Greatsword today). It can be a good way to get some fast levels though if you have materials stockpiled in storage. guildwars2-crafting is the site I used, their guides are better than gw2crafts if you're not looking to power-level them via the trading post.

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    Use GW2 crafts for 1-400. It only costs about 10-20 gold, you will probably have plenty of mats already. For 400-500 however I would not use those guides since everyone uses them and the moment it recalculates prices rise and you will end up paying more. Only level 400-500 if you want the ascended weapons/armor though, it really is expensive.

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    Ascended crafting kinda puts a damper on things, since you'll end up needing piles of T2-T6 mats to make ascended gear. But in order to make ascended gear, you have to get to 500 first... :-/

    I have artifice and tailoring at 500 already. My advice is don't rush it. It's an expensive endeavor to level up. However, if you don't use some of the gear you make, you can sell it back on the TP to recoup the costs. Or if you've farmed up the mats on your own over time, it'll net you more gold to help continue leveling.

    So far I only have an ascended staff and scepter. Need to finish weaponsmithing so I can make daggers (for my ele).

    Oh, one last thing. If you are hell bent on making ascended gear, make sure to choose the chest of ascended crafting mats whenever you complete day 30 of dailies. That chest nets you at least one vision crystal, which is the biggest PITA part in making that gear, imo.

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    thx for the info guys

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    Talking about leveling crafting from 400-500, a lot of gold can actually be made once you hit lvl 450.
    As mentioned before, ascended materials can be crafted at crafting level 450.
    These materials include bloodstone bricks, dragonite ingots and empyreal stars (materials that can be grinded in the open world if you have the patience), but also bolts of damask, deldrimor steel ingots and ancient wood planks (I'm not mentioning elonian leather squares because those aren't worth a damn).

    The first three (which are needed for the vision crystal) can be made without any cooldown, but cannot be traded.
    The other three (bolt of damask, deldrimor steel ingot and ancient wood plank) each have a one day cooldown (linked to their precursor materials), but can be traded.
    These materials (in particular bolt of damask) will yield you a decent profit every day, while granting you crafting levels between 450 and 475.

    The amount of gold that can be made from these materials depends on the market at that moment and the amount of grinding you're willing to put into it (more grinding means you have to spend less gold on buying materials from the TP), but even if you would buy all of the materials from the TP (through buy orders of course, not through instant buy), between 1-2 gold can be made from bolts of damask and around 50 silver from deldrimor steel ingots and ancient wood planks (again, don't use instant sell, but place an order).

    The only major downside to this is that you will have to wait a long time before your crafting level reaches 475, since you can only make one of each every day. However, you can use that time to grind gold and materials for (lesser) vision crystals, so you don't necessarily have to choose the chest of ascended materials, which could potentially cost you a lot of gold due to losing out on 20 laurels (which can be converted to gold through T6 bags). You will also need a large amount of tradable ascended materials yourself (which is why ascended weapons and armor are so expensive), so this buy and trade exercise will teach you about the market (when to buy, when to sell), which will save you money in the long run. It takes a lot of patience from your end, which might be a problem if you need an ascended set right now, but in the end you will get your ascended set without paying enormous amounts of gold up front.
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