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    Mastery fixed

    Hello, since yesterday they fixed the paladins' mastery ( Fixed an issue that could cause Illuminated Healing to apply absorption shields when no healing was generated.), is it still better to reforge to mastery or maybe we can start considering haste our first priority stat?
    I saw in some reports that illuminated healing lost strength in our overall healing.
    Thanks for your answers.

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    Can someone please explain how this old bug worked?
    I would think that mastery is still king. Spirit > Mastery > Int > Haste/Crit

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    I don't understand what this fix meant either. First I thought it meant that it stopped shields from generating when "no healing was generated"; ie. when overhealing, but I'm still generating shields as normal when doing pure overhealing so that can't have been it.
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    It was probably stacking shields with a healing debuff.

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    Damn, I though this was regarding the bug that is causing Ret's mastery to be reduced by resilience twice :/

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    I won't change mastery > haste cause i've raided 2 days since the 5.1 live and rly didn't noticed any drop on my HPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by froxyyer View Post
    I won't change mastery > haste cause i've raided 2 days since the 5.1 live and rly didn't noticed any drop on my HPS
    Mastery is still the dominant stat.

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    I believe the bug had to do with mechanics like those on empress shek'zeer with the disonance fields. While in those fields (or similar mechanics that prevent healing), pally mastery shields where still being created even though the debuff should prevent any healing from getting through.

    Overheals still correctly create mastery shields and there should be no change to our stat priority. It was a relatively small bug fix and most players won't notice a difference unless they were previously using the bug to game certain mechanics.

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