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    Fist Weapons?

    I haven't played my rogue in a while but I must know:

    Do rogues use Fist Weapons in MoP? I grinded out the TK fire bird fist weps a long time ago and, sadly, they sat in my bank all through Cata. Could it be that I get to use them for T-mog once again!?!?!

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    yes, for combat (technically sub's offhand though its gonna be a dps loss over an equivilant dagger)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirl View Post
    Fist weapons are the only epic 2.6 agi weapons currently. sword sword

    and lots of pvp weapons

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    Yeah, i ran a few BGs with my guildies. im an -amazing- flag runner, other than that i would make sure to point out "i just killed someone!" mostly countered with "pics or it didnt happen". meanwhile our warlock was 1-shotting people with chaos bolt.. But yeah, if you intend to really gear up PvE youre gonna be using fist as combat.

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