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    Best in Slot main Hand for Shadow

    Hey MMO-champion priests i would like to know why the Dagger From HoF (the Spirit/haste one) is better than all Sha Touched weapons surely having the 500+ Int Gem is alot better than a standard Purple gem to socket the weapon.

    if someone can explain why most sites show the spirit dagger being better than sha touched that would be great

    thanks Lovejoy

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    They probably haven't actually included the sha gem into their ranking. Or if they have, then they're wrong.
    {[( )]}

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    yeah kinda confused me when looking at them or maybe i missed them saying it in the post what wep would you suggest on getting ? i was thinking about getting mace from last boss in HoF but since everyone is saying dagger im confused ^^

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    If you look under the sha touched on H2P they'll show a differing score when equipped with the gem. According to them, Heroic Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm, is BiS, but just barely over Heroic Elite Regail's Crackling Dagger

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    aww yes i see that now , it seems crit mace is alot better only if you have the gem that makes alot of sense good good spot without you i would of been confused on what to roll on :P

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    Yeah while it may look like the Sha-Mace is #4 if you look at the value with the +500 Int gem you'll see that it takes the highest PP value. Technically before you get the Sha gem it's not... but it is.

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    Kinda irrelevant but if you don't have access on heroic yet the 2/2 staff is the way to go right?

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    That thread has the staff as BiS btw. Not dagger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jobbly View Post
    That thread has the staff as BiS btw. Not dagger.
    If you're comparing any two pieces that aren't in the exact same slot (1H != 2H, Neck vs. Ring, Pants vs. Helm, etc.), you're not using the list properly.

    If you want to see how the Staff compares, look at the BiS MH + OH + OH Enchant. They're pretty close, but, the staff only needs 1500 VP to upgrade to 2/2 whereas the MH + OH needs 3000 VP to upgrade both to 2/2.

    I really need to get a MH+OH vs. Staff list posted. >.>

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    Don't forget, if you're human maces are worth around 160 pp more than the listed values due to mace spec.

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    It's possible that the websites take the spirit into account and use the stat weights pre-hit cap for it. I know that maxdps's weapon/trinket rankings are skewed because of this.

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    I would say the water orb would be the best in slot choice for Spriests, but that's just me. Haste/crit plus the sha-touched gem. If you can find your hit somewhere else.

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